Tuesday, September 11, 2018


Never forget who did this:

It was not 'radical islam'. It was not 'extremist' islam.

It was ISLAM tout court. This horrible, inhuman 'faith', the very existence of which is a stain on humanity, has since its inception out of the pathological, deluded brain of an illiterate desert dweller, not ceased to be a burden to mankind, causing tremendous suffering and death at worst and inexcusable backwardness at best.

On this day, we remember the thousands who died because of this totalitarian ideology masquerading as a religion. As horrible as the 9/11 death toll is, it pales in comparison to the hundreds of millions who lost their lives because of islam throughout the centuries.

Let us also remember that there were times when people understood the intrinsic evil nature of muhammedanism. On many occasions, people rose to the challenge when confronted by muslim invaders and repelled them. As a fitting example, recall the successful defeat of muslim armies exactly 1,300 years ago at Constantinople, when the Byzantine Emperor Leo III and the Bulgarian King Tervel (or Trebellius) defeated the armies and navies of the Umayyad Caliphate led by Maslama ibn al-Malik. The siege lasted for over a year, beginning in July 717. The Arabs managed to install a blockade of Constantinople, but were repelled on land by the massive Theodosian Walls and at sea by the Byzantine Navy's use of Greek fire:

Terribly weakened by a severe winter, in the Spring and Summer of 718 the muslim armies found themselves between a rock and a hard place when Tervels army appeared in their rear and they couldn't succeed in breaching Constantinople's ramparts in front of them. On 15 August 718, the remnants of the Umayyad armies lifted the siege. What remained of their fleet was all but destroyed by natural causes (a volcano eruption on Santorini amongst others) or pursuing Byzantine vessels.

Greek fire. An incendiary liquid, pressurized in a sealed and heated cooker, was squirted through a nozzle at the end of which a flame ignited the liquid. The appearance in battle must have resembled a flamethrower.

A mere 15,000 Byzantines and Bulgars had beaten a 120,000 strong islamic army, and southeast Europe was spared the muslim yoke for another 700 years.

Immediately post 9/11, the West, instead of closing its borders to anyting islamic, welcomed them with open arms. A move which has over the past 19 years led to such a truly MASSIVE influx of muslims in our countries that future historians will be puzzled at the obvious suicidal wish not only of our leaders but also of large swaths of our population.

May sanity prevail yet, but it is clear that the fight to preserve the West in any recognizable state will be an extremely tough challenge. In particular because so many among us want our own destruction.


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