Friday, September 14, 2018


Via François Desouche:

A shot from a contemporary French schoolbook for English lessons, used in first grade, "New beep four". Notice "I'm Ahmed, I'm from France". Thank Allah there's still Nicos in Italy though.

While we are at it, watch the Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini defending the idea that young Europeans should procreate to counter the ageing of Europe's population. Time and again, he's interrupted by the nitwit Luxembourgois Foreign Minister who is hellbent on using mass immigration from Africa instead:

The Luxembourgian twat is Jean Asselborn. He is a member of the LSAP, the Luxembourg Socialist Worker's Party:

But that must be a coincidence.

Asselborn's boss is Xavier Bettel, Luxembourg's Prime Minister and openly gay, but why would I even mention that? In gay-smitten Europe gay sex, gay marriage and gay adoption have been the New Normal for some time, and dinosaurs like me, well, I think I will just have to sneak out and try to make it to Poland or Hungary before the European Parliament votes a law to make homosexuality mandatory, at least if you're a cream white euro. Here's PM Bettel with his sweetheart, Belgian architect Gauthier Destenay, whom he married in 2015. Progress!

UN-FOR-TU-NA-TE-LY, studies have shown that if you plug a dick in an anus and you pump a load of sperm down, erm, up the tube, it does not produce babies!!! Who would have thunk it?????!!!??

We can now understand Mr Asselborn's indignation far better. And that Salvini, well, he must be a Nazi for proposing that euros make their own babies. There's no other explanation.

Over and out from Europe, the world's Biggest Open Air Lunatic Asylum.


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