Sunday, September 09, 2018


While the vandals were ransacking Rome, the elites partied and fornicated. And while the muslim presence in Antwerp is going crescendo, the swiftly vanishing whites engage in ever more insane evolutionary deadend forays.

Via HLN Online:

"Kindergarten and basic school K'do in Antwerp has taken some measures because they noticed that several pupils had trouble with their identity, and felt neither like a boy nor a girl. The school no longer has separate toilets and also does not want anymore to split up the pupils in the classical way like boys and girls."


"In our school boys and girls can choose which toilet they will use", says principal Tine Embrechts. "They are no longer divided up in boys and girls." Also, the school no longer has a Mother- or Father's Day anymore, just simply a "Parent Day" - because much more children than before now have two mamas or two papas. During classes, girls can do boy things galore and vice versa."

I take it that K'do (what a silly name is that) is one of a small number of bobo schools for designerkids from Gutmenschen parents where there aren't too many follower of the prophet kiddos - yet. These fools are deluding themselves that they can make their gender phantasmagorias blossom even in the face of the undeniable demographic shift.

THIS, however, is REALITY, no matter how much Madam Embrechts wants to believe that even if a kid has a penis, it can still claim it's a girl and the other way round:

"... Allochtons are strongly represented in demography and unemployment, data from the City of Antwerp prove. The allochton population increases year after year, while the authochton population diminishes. over 58 per cent of Antwerp's inhabitants is of foreign extraction. In the unemployment statistics too, allochtons are strongly represented..."


... These numbers also appear in the demographic statistics of the City of Antwerp. Between 2012 and 2018 the authochton population of Antwerp decreased in all age categories. With allochtons, one sees the exact opposite. It increases in all age categories. The number of authochtons until 19 years decreased with 6,308. With Antwerpians of foreign extraction we see the opposite. The number of allochtons until 19 years of age increased with 16,863."

The caption reads:

"Antwerp: almost 75 per cent of the age group 0-9 years of foreign extraction".

But please, go ahead with your gender insanity, Principal Tine Embrechts!!! Until you run out of your precious pupils who can't figure out whether they are boys or girls, anyway!


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