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At the end of April, Dalil Boubakeur, Rector of the Grand Mosque of Paris, who has called to transform thousands of French churches into mosques, exhorted France's muslims to cast a vote for Macron. Boubakeur was quoted as saying: “The Grand Mosque of Paris and its National Federation (FGMP) call on Muslims in France to vote massively for candidate Emmanuel Macron.”

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Given Macron's score of around 65 per cent of the vote vs Marine Le Pen's 35 per cent, it seems that 65 per cent of Fwench consider themselves muslims already.

This is the type of guy they voted for, courtesy The Gatestone Institute's Yves Mamou:

"On April 20, 2017, after an Islamist terrorist killed one police officer and wounded two others in Paris, Macron said: "I am not going to invent an anti-terrorist program in one night". After two years of continuous terrorist attacks on French territory, the presidential candidate said he had not taken the country's security problems into account?

Moreover, on April 6, during the presidential campaign, professor Barbara Lefebvre, who has authored books on Islamism, revealed to the audience of the France2 television program L'Emission Politique, the presence on Macron's campaign team of Mohamed Saou. It was Saou, apparently, a departmental manager of Macron's political movement, "En Marche" ("Forward"), who promoted on Twitter the classic Islamist statement: "I am not Charlie".

Sensing a potential scandal, Macron dismissed Saou, but on April 14, invited onto Beur FM, a Muslim French radio station, Macron was caught saying on a "hot mic" (believing himself off the air): "He [Saou] did a couple things a little bit radical. But anyway, Mohamed is a good guy, a very good guy".

"Very good", presumably, because Mohamed Saou was working to rally Muslim voters to Macron.

Is Saou an isolated case? Of course not. On April 28, Mohamed Louizi, author of the book Why I Quit Muslim Brotherhood, released a detailed article on Facebook that accused Macron of being a "hostage of the Islamist vote". Republished by Dreuz, a Christian anti-Islamist website, Louizi's article gave names and dates, explaining how Macron's political movement has largely been infiltrated by Muslim Brotherhood militants. It will be interesting to see how many of them will be candidates in Macron's movement in the next parliamentary elections.

On April 24, the Union of Islamic Organisations of France (UOIF), generally known as the French representative of Muslim Brotherhood, publicly called on Muslims to "vote against the xenophobic, anti-Semitic and racist ideas of the National Front and [we] call to massively vote for Mr. Macron."

La France, Nation des Cons. After the first round of the presidential elections, I opined on several blogs that "The French can be safely relied upon to do the wrong thing time and again", and they did not fail me. I also wrote somewhere that "you cannot expect the French to be reasonable, where a more sensible people like the Dutch nevertheless chose to give Wilders the finger". How right I was.

The French elections once again highlight the fundamental difference between The United States and Europe. In the US, sufficient people stepped forward to make the nation dodge a bullet. Make that an anti-tank round, actually. By contrast, in Europe, we have now had the disappointing results of the Austrian presidential elections where the Austrians were so unbelievably stupid to choose for a senile dhimmi who wants all Austrian women to wear veils in the foreseeable future. We have had the Dutch parliamentary elections where the Dutch instead of Wilders chose for a wussy, Mark Rutte, who was played like a violin by Erdogan. And now we have had the French elections where the cheese eating surrender monkeys essentially chose for a globalist self-hating scoundrel who will flood the nation even more with foreign cohorts who will, guaranteed, openly challenge the state he now leads. More so than in the cases of Austria and The Netherlands, what happened in France on May 7, amounts to national suicide.

But why be surprised? Present-day French may be degenerates, but this did not happen overnight. Almost 500 years ago, then French king François I allied himself with the Ottoman Empire, an alliance which lasted for two and a half centuries. The "most catholic nation" refused to help the Habsburgs when Vienna was besieged in 1683. And for all the praise being heaped upon Charles de Gaulle for being a genuine war hero at a time when France under Pétain cast its lot with the nazis, it was that very same Charles de Gaulle who chose a rapprochement with the Arabs over the Israelis in the sixties, declaring, at a 1967 press conference, that French cooperation with the Arab world would be “the fundamental basis of our foreign policy.” In 1974, in Paris the Parliamentary Association for Euro-Arab Cooperation was created, and this was really the start of France's, and by extension Europe's, islamization for good.

With Macron, it's Avant Marche! towards more islamization, more mosques, more terrorist attacks, more whites harassed in the streets, more police officers shot at, more ambulanciers pelted with stones, more no go areas, and a gradual demise of the economy as the effects of Le Grand Remplacement will increasingly be felt. France does not know it yet, but it's a corpse. Go to hell then, cowards and idiots, you were never good neighbors in the first place. Vous aviez la choix entre la République et la soumission. Vous choisissiez la soumission, et vous serez niqués.


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