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A couple of days ago, our Waffenbruder at PI News ran the story of young schoolchildren (6 and 7 years old) in the Dutch town of Zwolle being forced, per some insane cultural outreach educational guideline, to pray in a mosque:

Videos disappear after a while, so here's a still:

 photo dutch_children_forced_mosque_visit_zpsi0gafpnu.jpg

The prayerhouse in question has been identified as the Ghulzar e Madina mosque:

 photo ghulzar_e_madina_zpsalpx4fm9.jpg

It is heartbreaking to see those kneeling, grinning idiots of teachers, genuine Dutch women no less, gullibly participating in a scheme that will ultimately condemn their female pupils to a sad life between four walls, subjected to the whims of their muslim husbands. EVERYWHERE on the planet where the gruesome cult of islam rules, women are less than men - yet here we are, in The Netherlands, famous for its enthusiastic embrace of libertine lifestyles. Here we are, in a Pakistani mosque in Dutch-as-can-be Zwolle, capital city of the Province of Overijssel, and OF COURSE the countless stupid multiculti idiots swallow the oh so cute let's-get-together-and-sing-kumbaya stories of the mosque's chairman Hadjie R. Rodjan...

... yet at his mosque a well-known hate preacher like Anas Noorani Siddiqui is regularly invited. Below is a screenshot from the local newspaper De Stentor, January 12,2016 edition, with the caption:


 photo anas_siddiqui_zpsnvwaiirx.jpg

At the time, Dutch pundit site GeenStijl (literally NoStyle) reported on the event:

"The chairman of Zwolle's Ghulzar e Madina mosque, Hadjie R. Rodjan, suddenly pretends his nose is bleeding, like, you know, Siddiqui was some kind of natural disaster his mosque was incapable of avoiding: "The radical muslim leader Mohammed Anas Noorani Siddiqui from Pakistan on Saturday visited the Ghulzar e Madina mosque in Zwolle, against the will of the local mosque committee". "I do not want our mosque being associated with what is being pretended or written about him".

Classic muslim double tongue speak, and succesfully delivered. Because at first sight, Rodjan seems to acknowledge that a guy like Anas Siddiqui, who advocates the death penalty for those who insult mohammed (piss be upon him), and who endorsed an Osama Bin Laden fatwa, is a big no-no...

... yet in the same breath he does "not want our mosque being associated with what is being pretended or written about him".

Got that? He does NOT say he doesn't want his mosque to be associated with Mohammed Anas Siddiqui. He says he doesn't want his mosque being associated with what others are saying about Mohammed Anas Siddiqui. A world of difference!

Anyway, was it a hapless screwup then, Siddiqui suddenly popping up in Ghulzar e Madina? Oh no. It turns out he was there in January 2015 as well:

 photo zwolle_aankondiging_siddiqui_zpsaljuhjcn.jpg

And here is a screenshot from the mosque's Facebook page re the very same 2015 event:

 photo ghulzaremadina_zpsivtexuwz.jpg

So what we've got here is Hadjie R. Rodjan, a lying son of a bitch of a mosque chairman, who has no qualms inviting hatebeard asshole Mohammed Anas Noorani Siddiqui to speak in his mosque AS LONG AS THE IDIOT INFIDELS FAIL TO NOTICE...

... and then, WHEN THEY DO, suddenly doesn't know the guy, and is embarrassed he's come to say howdy - "uninvited" no less, how come???. Rodjan LITTERALLY says "We waren verrast. Eigenlijk was zijn aanwezigheid ongewenst." ["We were surprised. Actually his presence was not wanted." - MFBB]. And naturally he doesn't want his good mosque to be associated with him, erm, no, associated with what others say about him. Sort of. Whatever. Good enough for you, that smoke curtain?

But Rodjan DOES KNOW Siddiqui.

He knows him very well, in fact.

Why, it was Siddiqui senior who laid the first stone when the Ghulzar e Madina mosque's construction began, in the late eighties! From Zwolle's website:

 photo eerstesteen_moskee_zwolle_zpscfazrx37.jpg

That's how far The Netherlands has come. Geert Wilders is being convicted and fined before a Dutch court for asking whether the Dutch want less Moroccans, even though government reports state unequivocally that A FULL 65 PER CENT (65%) of Moroccan youths between 12 en 23 is known to police, that a third of this group has been arrested at least 5 times, and that Moroccans are four times as likely as autochton Dutchmen to be convicted. A staggering 44 per cent of Moroccans in The Netherlands favors fundamentalist islam, and 80 per cent of the Dutch jihadists belong to the Moroccan part of Dutch muslims.

But a Pakistani hatebeard who hearts Osama Bin Laden and who publicly advocates that those who mock ole Mo' should be killed can roam the land of tulips, windmills and wooden shoes at will. Thanks but no thanks, red and green assholes.


PS: Many thanks for all the research to GeenStijl.

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