Saturday, January 07, 2017


If you are a gullible Belgian, this is your coverage on Florida's Ft Lauderdale Airport shooting by 26-year old Esteban Santiago: "About possible motives nothing is known".

Yeah right. Other DS articles don't fail to mention that he was "mentally disturbed". I don't know how it is with you, but especially since 2016 it strikes me how many gunmen turn out to be muslims and "mentally disturbed".

The Gateway Pundit and Infowars report however, that Esteban Santiago lived in Anchorage, within walking distance of  photo esteban_mosque_zpswiwacw0y.jpg

The building in question is on the islamic community center of Anchorage Alaska (ICCAA) simply referred to as "Alaska Masjid", and it's address is:

Spring St. & E 80th Ave
Anchorage,AK 99518
United States

 photo anchorage_mosque_zpssbrcu9ri.jpg

Yeah yeah yeah we shouldn't jump to conclusions right, but what about this? Esteban Santiago would have shown jihadist tendencies via his Twitter account, as early as 2007. And lookie look how CNN decided to post his picture:

 photo esteban_santiago_muslim_zpscqxh6sgs.jpg

That's the raised index finger, the ISIS salute. It refers but refers to the first part of the shahada, which is the affirmation of muslim faith, to be recited before every prayer.

So what is Esteban Santiago doing in that photo? Giving us a FU? Or affirming that "There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is his Prophet"? When was it taken?

One thing is certain: Esteban Santiago, despite his name, did not kill on behalf on Catholics. And certainly not wearing a keffiyeh like that.

As this story develops, count on MSM to bury it under six feet of that cold, white global warming powder if it turns out Esteban Santiago converted to the religion of pieces.


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