Friday, December 09, 2016


Gates of Vienna with a compelling video on Maria Ladenburger and her vain idiot of a father, "Dr" Clemens Ladenburger.

From a personal point of view, I find it sad that circumstances force me to reduce posting original material. Since I am so consumed by both company and family matters, I have to resort to refer to the material of others. But then this humble blog is not about me. It's about getting the truth out. And if there is only person out there who gets to know basic and essential info re the Maria Ladenburger case, which he would otherwise have missed on account of not being a Gates of Vienna regular, I would call it a success:

Maria Ladenburger could have lived, finished her medical studies, saved lives at some point in the future, given life herself.

All that is not going to be, because Maria is now a stiff corpse, lying about an hour driving from here in cold Brussels ground. Dead because of a hellish convergence of several ruinous factors: utterly insane cultural marxist dogmas as propagated by Germany's unworthy Chancellor, former (?) communist strongwoman Angela Merkel, and her lackeys in politics, the media, the educational and cultural sectors; the arrival in Germany, per Merkel's invitation, of hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of adherents of a gruesome, inhuman "religion", at the same time representatives of a vastly inferior and schmutzige "culture"; and last but not least, the brainwashing of this young promising woman at the hands of her mentally fucked up parents. "Dr" Clemens Ladenburger and his wife have the blood of their daughter on their hands.

I am very sorry to read that this once attractive young woman has been laid to rest in Brussels of all places, and not in her homeland, beautiful Germany. This is the final insult. Brussels, where unelected moguls and faceless bureaucrats decide the future of a continent against the will of the European peoples. Brussels, where insane social engineering plans to repopulate Europe with illegal aliens are concocted. Brussels, the nerve center of vainglorious leftist lunatics who have decreed that everything that made our continent so prosperous and successful in the first place has to yield to mysoginist rapists and paedophile worshippers. The multiculti scoundrels in Brussels have no problems replacing us with barely literate wifebeater types and their sad sacks of women, who are incapable of coming up with something bright, original, intelligent and of general benefit to Mankind.

Well, they have been very succesful thus far. In early 2015, Germany still counted a Maria Ladenburger among its citizens, a ray of hope for the future. Who might have become a successful surgeon ten years hence.

But Maria is no more.

Maria is gone.

A study in microcosm of Population Replacement, of Umvolkung. Minus one, Plus one, see? It is that simple.

Maria Ladenburger has been exchanged for Hussein Khavari from Goatfuckerland in the Hindu Kush. Mr Khavari can't do anything useful. He will never write computer programs, nor work as a roadbuilder, nor write a marvellous novel. This subhuman in all likelihood does not even wash his hands after defecating.

And no matter how "severe" the verdict, in ten years he will be free.

Free to roam the streets, free to encounter other Maria Ladenburgers.

Thanks but no thanks, Angela Merkel, you monster. And "Dr" Clemens Ladenburger, you useless idiot.


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