Tuesday, November 08, 2016


Trump was not my 1st choice to be the GOP nominee.

Nor was he my 17th.

He was my fourth choice.

And I spoke out in support of him on January 6. This is what I wrote back then:

"Trump is no conservative.

Trump is an opportunist.

In the absence of electable candidates in the Republican camp however, and because he calls a spade a spade, he deserves the Republican nomination.

For a long time Rick Perry was my man. For reasons unfathomable to me, he did not tick with the American public.

Then I started growing very fond of Dr. Carson. But he is way too nice and he started saying funny things. Plus, because of the current occupant of the White House's catastrophic tenure has ironically made it very difficult for people of color to again give it a try for POTUS, Dr. Carson has also become as good as unelectable.

Cruz remains as the sole Real Conservative. But as of today, he's still unknown to far too many Americans and were he the nominee, Clinton would almost certainly be victorious.

Because this Monster would completely ruin what is left of the United States after 8 disastrous years of a cryptomarxist at the helm, it is absolutely necessary - it is absolutely vital - that the GOP comes up with a candidate who can WIN.

Only Trump remains.

That is why I endorse Donald Trump for President. And while I'm at it, Ted Cruz for veep.

The rest of the GOP candidates should call it quits. Playing time is over."

I am but a humble citizen, but I am no squishy unstable idiot like Glenn Beck who is praising Obama right before the deciding vote - go figure. I am no godforsaken quisling like Colin Powell, who for the third time betrayed his party. I am no smooth talking weakling like Paul Ryan, who went wobbly and failed his nominee on the first occasion. I am no scheming opportunistic Judas like Mitch McConnell, who only gave his support to the Trump/Pence ticket after Comey's reopening the investigation 10 days ago.

I have been steadfast in my support for Trump. As I have been steadfast in basically everything I have written and stood for on this modest blog, for a full thirteen years now.

So I say, VOTE TRUMP...

... or the woes of Europe will become yours, and this will be your last election when you actually had a chance to turn things around.

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Leo Norekens said...

Thoroughly enjoying the wailing and the gnashing of teeth by journalists, politicians and celebrities, who have come to believe their own stories or those that were fed to them by the media. They seem to honestly believe that Trump's election is a catastrophic mistake and a crisis for democracy. They are living a nightmare now, wondering in desparation how could this happen?

Michael said...

Leo, ik heb me ook rot geamuseerd met het lezen van de reacties. Er werd heel wat azijn gepist vandaag. Bwahahahahahaaaa!!!!!