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Via Het Nieuwsblad, today, Saturday 3 September:

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To the right in the photo, "Old Belgians". Literally and figuratively. These are clearly tourists from the province, listening to a guide. To the left, "New Belgians".


Today, 11:09am Source: BELGA

BRUSSELS - Police and Court of Justice are meticulously screening non-profit associations in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek within the framework of the Belfi Project. So far, almost ninety non-profits were disbanded, tens of others are still being investigated, daily De Standaard reported on Saturday. Two years ago, Brussels public prosecutor Johan Delmulle started the Belfi Project in the fight against radicalization. One of the plan's hallmarks was a massive screening of associations linked in one way or another to radical factions.

Last Friday, Delmulle presented the Brussels Labor Court the results of Project Belfi - and in particular the enquiries in Molenbeek. Over the course of eight operations, twenty-six dwellings were checked: shops, sports clubs, cafes, nonprofits, mosques and koranic schools. "Seventeen of the controlled locations did not meet the criteria. Three mosques and a clandestine koranic school were closed", according to Delmulle.

Local police also verified Molenbeek's 1,571 nonprofits, of which thirty operate a prayer house, against a DOJ reference databank. 450 associations were checked more thoroughly. One in five was even labeled as suspect, another 87 have been disbanded. "Their dissolution came after a judicial action or they stopped their activities voluntarily", according to Delmulle. "For (another) 59 nonprofit organizations local police compiled an investigation report."

In the meantime, the Belfi-project has been integrated in the "Channel Plan" of Interior Minister Jan Jambon (N-VA), which he announced after the March 22 attacks."

Soft ethnic cleansing by Molenbeek's muslims has led to that Brussels commune now being about 80 per cent muslim. It goes the usual way. They make a nuisance of themselves, park their cars in front of authochton Belgians' garages, harass their kids (especially the girls), make a lot of noise during the night, criminality goes up, and gradually the native Belgian locals are pestered away. These, exasperated, sell their house or apartment. Because real estate prices go down wherever muslims begin to roam in significant numbers, the "Bio Belgians" get far less for their house or apartment than they would have elsewhere. Their dwellings are bargain-bought by muslims, and so on and so forth, and you end up with entire Infidel-rein quarters.

This is, indeed, what I would label "soft ethnic cleansing".

Because in this manner Molenbeek has become 80 per cent islamic, it is therefore safe to assume that AT LEAST 80 per cent of the 1,571 nonprofits the article mentions is muslim too - because politically correct insanity will have insisted that a chessclub of octagenarians called Joseph Dupont, Louis Crombez, Dirk Demeuldre, Achiel Vanderbruggen, Lucien Devogelaere etc also needs investigation!

So let's assume we are talking about 1,260 nonprofits here (I am sure that I am being generous here for the number of nonmuslim nonprofits).

If, out of those 1,260 muslim nonprofits a staggering 20 per cent (one in five), or around 250, were labeled "suspect", and ANOTHER 87 have been disbanded, and the investigations are not nearly over yet, WHAT DOES THAT TELL US ABOUT MUSLIM COMMUNITIES???

Food for thought.

And an incentive for action.

Prepare yourself for war.


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