Sunday, August 28, 2016


Via HLN Online, 28 August 2016:

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"After violent fights in the centre of Kortrijk on Friday evening, the city has imposed on both gangs a place and restraining order in the centre until the end of this month.

On Friday evening both gangs, and Afghan gang and a group of youths of allochton origin [by which is meant either Turks or Moroccans - MFBB] started a vicious streetwar. This happened at 7pm in a shopping street while the cafe terraces were still full with patrons. According to witnesses they hit each other with belts and baseball bats. Thereafter the fight continued on Schouwburgplein where police intervened. Police had asked for reinforcements from other zones to be capable of separating the warring parties. On Friday evening eight minors were arrested. Yesterday afternoon there was a follow-up with a stabbing in Zwevegemstraat. There were two wounded, but the wounds are not fatal. Camera images allowed police to arrest three suspects. The cause for the conflict is an honour question whereby several days ago Afghans tried to pull a 14-year old girl in a car. This was prevented by an acquaintance of the girl. Since then, both gangs deliberately seek confrontation, with a sad high water mark on Friday evening. Yesterday [Saturday- MFBB] police maintained a massive presence in the city centre to prevent new fights."

Kortrijk is a rich middle-sized city in West Flanders, Belgium's westernmost province. Imagine that you are an ordinary Fleming and that last Friday, after a week's hard work, you are sitting on a cafe terrace enjoying splendid summer weather plus a cold beer. It is the start of the weekend and nothing can go wrong.

Suddenly all hell breaks loose as the followers of the prophet start hitting each other with baseball bats.

Police has to intervene. Massively, since Kortrijk PD apparently couldn't right away muster sufficient officers to get things under control.

Then there's the stabbing: an ambulance and paramedics have to rush to the scene and another two adherents of the religion of peace have to be treated in hospital. On the infidels' dime, of course.

And to top it all off, police has to be present in force on Saturday to keep the gangs out of each others' hair.

With EVERY PASSING DAY, it becomes more obvious that the islamic presence on our soil is a gigantic WASTE of money and resources. These beasts don't contribute to society, they COST us unfathomable amounts of earnest citizens' hard-earned tax euros.

How long will we tolerate the presence of this horrible "faith" in our country? Will we tolerate it until we are overrun and our beautiful, rich land has turned in yet another islamic hellhole?

Can be we that insane?


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deb harvey said...

clear the decks and let them eliminate each other.
the afghans are in the right. do not rape afghanis.
if the europeans would administer justice to the rapists it would clear out the trash.