Wednesday, September 21, 2016


If you are a normal, decent Western person - i.e., feeling an absolutely normal attachment and pride to/in your Western civilization while all the while being cognizant of our flaws - and you want to become really angry, you might want to watch this insane, horrible ad, courtesy of a despicable Swedish multiculti outfit:

Never mind that up to 80 per cent of Swedish Police are reportedly considering to quit because of the dangers they face when confronting violent immigrants:

 photo swedish_police_quitters_zpskzlrhac7.jpg

Isn't it strange that this whole over-the-top leftist dada of multiculturalism is propagated only in the West??? Indeed, if multicultural is such a tremendously good thing, why shouldn't the whole world become multicultural? Why should only we Westerners benefit of its joys? We, who supposedly have taken and gotten so much already, to the detriment of others? Why not advocate the administering of a healthy dose of your typical western self-criticism, labor ethic, love of the arts and music, and a passion for technology to, say, Yemen? Wouldn't that be good for the country in question? Why does multiculturalism have to be a one-way street whereby only the West should change? Why would Vietnam, China, Egypt, Morocco, Indonesia, Brazil, Somalia et al remain exempt from the benefits of multiculturalism? Why would they be allowed to remain recognizably Vietnam, China, Egypt, Morocco, Indonesia, Brazil and Somalia??? Why is it only us who have to - indeed, HAVE TO - change???

Why can't we imagine the mayor of Islamabad saying something along the lines of "Jeminy, our capital is really too monocultural. That's so BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD. Too many people with a tan here. You know what, let's import 30,000 blond, six feet tall Swedes!!!"

But of course it doesn't work that way. Because you see, the lunatic leftist dogmas INSIST that everything that goes wrong on this planet is somehow the fault of this appalling White Creed, and we Westerners alone have to atone for our sins by drowning our own heritage.

The great irony is of course that IF multiculturalism DID work both ways, the good mayor of Islamabad would definitely strike a bargain, because he would suddenly have at his disposal a disciplined, highly trained and intelligent workforce which would respect the law, wouldn't defecate in the streets, and stiffen the government's wallets instead of draining them. Plus, instead of the real bombshells we get, he would see the streets in town brighten up with another kind of bombshells.

Take notice of the fact that the ad closes NOT with some typical blonde Swedish Agnetha-Fältskog-in-her-younger-years hottie, but with a female representative of the most gruesome belief system that has ever existed - islam.

She fled her Third World hellhole of a country, which was a hellhole because of her "faith" in the first place, and now she wants YOU, the Westerner, to accept this very same belief system in YOUR country.

If this belief system makes sufficient inroads, YOUR country will over time turn into the exact same basket case state she came from.

Especially muslims singularly fail to understand that they carry the seeds of their own mayhem and squalor with them and on them and that, like a cancer, these affect the host country... it is striking that NONE of the followers of the prophet - Piss be on him - seem to grasp the naked truth that once their "faith" is strong enough in the country of arrival, the government manna will invariably dry up after some time, after which it is back to square one like in the ole days in Afghanistan or Mali or Pakistan or whatever piss-poor excuse for a state where the moon cult reigns.

But then nobody has ever been able to accuse muslims of an excess of intelligence.

When you are done watching this vicious ad, you might want to email the scoundrels responsible for it, and tell them in no uncertain terms what you think of them. It's "IM", and it's headed by one Ann Svensén, "Secretary General":

 photo IM_sweden_zpsnafvtf1e.jpg

I just did. Here, I will make it easy for you:

Make it steam.

I count on you. Give those bastards HELL!!!


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