Monday, September 19, 2016


As you all know, or ought to know, except if you spent the previous six months in the north of Svalbard with only polar bears for company, H. Clinton used her private email server for official communications, instead of the official State Department mail accounts on federal servers. In this manner, thousands and thousands of emails with sensitive information, many of which would later be marked "classified" by the State Department retroactively, were "up for grabs" on the internet.

I run a small company, which has two email accounts, one of them a Gmail account.

I also have a private mail account.

There's not a hair on my head that thinks of using the private email account for company communications.

Yet here we have a woman who was Senator, then Secretary of State, and now aspires to be POTUS.

I... can't believe it.

Bill Whittle:

Hat tip Theo Spark.


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