Thursday, September 22, 2016


Infowars' Alex Jones in an epic rant against the leftist/green cabals destroying the West from within.

If you think this guy has lost it, erm, no.

If anything, he's spot on and there are insufficient Alex Jones types.

I am a Belgian, a European, and I am in the fairly unique situation that I digest daily scores of BOTH leftist and rightwing news sources. The latter are practically solely from the other side of the Pond, since genuine rightwing news sources in Europe are as rare as liquor joints in Medina.

Anyway, when you get both sides of the story it's amazing - truly, heartbrakingly AMAZING - to see the shameless spin and omission of facts in leftwing media channels. The European population is being lied to on a daily basis to a truly EX-TRA-ORDI-NARY degree. Those few sites which bring the real story on a variety on subjects - like in Germany e.g. the indispensable PI News, mainly on the "refugee" crisis - are facing an daily battle that's so uphill it takes nerves of steel to continue it, such is the power of the Luegenpresse.


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