Wednesday, July 06, 2016


Via PI-News:

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"... Last weekend alone, around 160 police officers had a hard time keeping the Turkish-nationalistic rocker/bikergang "Osmanen Germania Boxing Club" from battling their Kurdish adversaries from "Bahoz". Between 200 and 600 - exact numbers seem to lack - had descended on Sunday in the Wilderfinger area of Pforzheim, which would have turned in a battlefield in the blink of an eye, had police not intervened. The reason for the turmoil was the raising of another "Osmanen Germania Boxing Club" chapter in Pforzheim - an area which even without these problems (caused by such gangs) suffers from unemployment and acute socio-economic problems.

"Osmanen Germania BC" is known to be one of the fastest growing rocker/bikerclubs in the entire country and it is telling that this gang has come to Pforzheim, of all places, a city with one of the highest concentrations of salafists in Germany. In Badem-Wuerttemberg alone there's already six chapters of the organization (in Stuttgart, Heilbronn, Mannheim, Heidelberg, Konstanz und Ravensburg). The Erdogan cult is just as well a hallmark of the movement as its discrimination of Kurds and non-muslims. In this manner, islamic extremists gain even more power in a decrepit town, wherein sharia long ago made inroads already.

The Osmania gang is situated (politically) near the Turkish "Grey Wolves" rightwing extremists, of which the nervous system is situated in Istanbul. There was no trace whatsoever of opposition in Pforzheim against the raising of yet another Osmania chapter. It is known that the movement's network covers Turkey, Austria, Switzerland and even Sweden. Drug and gun trafficking as well as human trafficking are only part of the many areas of operation for the international market. The gang is known as a group with an extremely high conflict potential - in Westphalia alone half of all its members would have seen a jail from the inside...."

Watch this chilling video:

"Turkish rocker/bikergang declares war on Germany".

Try to imagine how much chance your typical effeminate western metrosexual stands against brutal thugs like these.

The Germans will, at some point, have to count on the Bundeswehr to annihilate these scoundrels.


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