Friday, July 08, 2016


No no no no no no no noooooo don't worry, this time round it isn't about muslim terrorists!

So it's been ramadan again, unfortunately.

Belgian law stipulates clearly that cattle to be slaughtered has to be anaesthetized first.

Of course, muslims would not be muslims if they would not also object to this law, you know...

... because it's a kuffar law, and cattle has to be slaughtered halal, i.e. alive and with as much pain and terror for the animals involved as possible.

So during ramadan, a lot of muslims slaughter cattle, especially sheep, the halal way - and do so clandestinely.

To prevent this, the Belgian authorities every year go to great lengths to provide muslims with large slaughtering halls - at great cost to the Belgian taxpayer - where the animals can be slaughtered in an organized way - but where they are anaesthetized first.

Needless to say, these halls are no big success. I recall a story from 2015 where a large space had been made available and nary a muslim had shown up.

It is clear that every year, impressive numbers of animals meet a grisly and violent end in makeshift slaughterhouses.

The following photos picture a raid by police on a suspected illegal abattoir in Schaarbeek, another culturally enriched commune of Brussels:

 photo Politie-inval-in-Schaarbeek_zpsyevmfkr8.jpg

Police raid an apartment building in Schaarbeek where they suspect an illegal slaughterhouse...

 photo On_the_balcony_of_an_apartment_2016_zpstgkdn7ta.jpg

...on the balcony of an apartment they discover sheep being held in a makeshift pen. You can imagine the sanitary conditions. The Middle East's charms on display, in all their glory, in the heart of the European capital!!!

 photo In-a-communal_space_of_the_apartment_building_zpsj3zmrgcu.jpg

... in a communal place of the building it's bingo. For this unfortunate animal the raid came too late.

 photo lived_for_free_in_this_apartment_zpsmfnlyvya.jpg

These neanderthal fucks live for free in an apartment paid for by CPAS/OCMW money - read kuffar money!

Happy thoughts to you!

Hat tip my uncle R.


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