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I am doing nothing but copying and pasting from our Gates of Vienna buddies' site, but I'm pretty sure they don't mind. If in that way but a sole reader comes across the following video, which he would otherwise have missed - it's been worthwile.

And here is the transcript:

00:00 On the 30 Oct. 2010 in Amsterdam, Paul Weston,
00:04 the English politician who at that time was not yet
00:08 the president of PEGIDA UK, said in support
00:12 of Geert Wilders these few words which I ask you
00:16 to memorise: “Let me tell you this:
00:20 to all of you, liars, traitors, careerists, socialists:
00:24 you hold the power now
00:28 but in a decade (this was in 2010)
00:32 WE will hold the power and WE will hold you to account.
00:36 We will drag you before a Nuremberg-type court
00:40 and you will be judged for high treason,
00:44 and for the first time in a long while WE will be your judges.”
00:53 How —
00:57 Socialists en Prison!
01:01 Into prison, Socialists!
01:05 — how not to think
01:10 of these words from Paul Weston, seeing all
01:14 that we had to suffer this weekend. We have seen
01:18 patriots banned from demonstrating in Calais.
01:22 We have seen patriots banned from demonstrating
01:26 in St. Brieux by a prefect who unilaterally
01:30 – his name is Pierre Lambert — had decided,
01:34 having forgotten to remove the sausage skins from his eyes,
01:38 had decided that there was no Islamisation in Europe,
01:42 and as there was no Islamisation, no demonstration must take place.
01:46 While the patriots were banned from demonstrating
01:51 in those two cities, we saw the Antifa,
01:55 as usual, vandalise everything in Rennes.
01:59 We saw, despite the State of Emergency, this same gang
02:03 authorised to demonstrate in Paris. But we have also seen,
02:07 when it appears that France is at war,
02:11 we saw in Lille the UOIF (Union of Islamic Organisations) affiliated with
02:15 the Muslim Brotherhood, dare to hold a congress
02:19 when, during a period of war, this affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood
02:23 does not hide its plan to Islamise our country,
02:27 to introduce the Sharia everywhere in France,
02:31 and everywhere in Europe, and in this period of war we authorise our enemies
02:36 to hold a congress without this bothering Cazeneuve (Minister of the Interior)
02:44 We are seeing how far
02:48 they dare go,
02:52 and how openly they mock us — I am speaking
02:56 of the Islamist leaders — because even while we are debating the question
03:00 on the forfeiture of nationality, you have
03:04 Tariq Ramadan, associated with the Muslim Brotherhood in France, who says
03:08 that the France of Cazeneuve (Interior Minister), of Valls (PM) of Hollande (President)
03:12 suits him and that now he wants French nationality.
03:16 Despite —
03:20 Islam en dehors — Out with Islam
03:24 Out with Islam
03:29 — despite the repression,
03:33 despite the threats, despite the intimidation,
03:37 we see despite this, and we have seen since
03:41 this weekend the acts of resistance multiply.
03:45 the comrades of Saint-Brieuc, despite the ban
03:49 by Prefect Lambert (let me remind you he was
03:53 among the Antifa this Saturday — a PREFECT!),
03:57 the comrades of Saint-Brieux
04:01 also defied this prefect’s ban on demonstrating.
04:05 They came, they distributed patriotic leaflets
04:09 at the market, showing their love of France,
04:14 and at 50 have held out, despite the bans from the police, for as long as possible.
04:22 We have
04:26 seen in Calais that while the initiative was banned,
04:30 the initiative by PEGIDA, we saw
04:34 via mobilisation on the internet, 350 to 400
04:38 of our compatriots, ready to come, because they did not accept
04:42 that in Calais the migrants had the right to demonstrate,
04:46 the lefties had the right to demonstrate, that they had the right to attack the local people,
04:50 and that only the patriots, willing to defend the Calaisians,
04:54 were banned. At 350 — 400 they were
04:58 there, they were present, they manifested an act of strong resistance,
05:02 which this regime wanted to break by force,
05:06 as we saw by the scandalous arrest of the General Piquemal.
05:15 And your presence, our presence,
05:19 the initiative by SIEL tonight shows that there is
05:23 in this country a patriotic current, that defends itself in
05:27 the streets, in the re-information, on internet sites
05:31 that are advancing, that defends itself by all means,
05:35 to pass on the message of France, the message of the love of our country,
05:39 the message of our people, a message which
05:43 we continue to develop with all our strength!

As always, many thanks to the incomparable GoV-affiliated characters Oz-Rita, who did the translation, and Vlad Tepes, for subtitling.

The money quote here, and A VERY SERIOUS WARNING to all socialists, greens, and traditional parties committing treason by deliberately ruining our Continent, is of course:

"We will drag you before a Nuremberg-type court and you will be judged for high treason..."

I hope to see that day.


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