Friday, February 19, 2016


Via MailOnline, 17 February 2016. Read and weep:

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"The decision to make a third of meals for Australian troops halal-certified has angered military members, veterans and politicians, with less than 100 Muslims serving in the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

Deputy Chief of Army Major General Rick Burr has approved demands that four of 12 combat menu options be halal-certified. This comes after changes to ensure variety in ration packs, with dietary requirements such as vegetarian, kosher, and halal being accommodated for 'to meet ADF's commitment to providing an inclusive working ­environment,' the Daily Telegraph has reported.

However, Lieutenant General Angus J Campbell, Chief of the Australian Army, told Daily Mail Australia: 'The proportion of combat rations specifically manufactured to meet religious considerations will vary subject to the ADF’s demography and our operating environment. The suggestion that one third has to be halal certified is incorrect.'

However, the sweeping changes have enraged some of ADF's 60,000 full-time and reserve servicemen and women who query how many taxpayer dollars halal certifiers will receive from the new arrangement.

According to the Telegraph, a federal government inquiry is investigating unregulated halal certifiers. Senator Cory Bernardi, a member of the senate inquiry, criticised the changes by saying 'decisions like this suggest it has become more an instrument of supporting minority interests rather than being focused on the national interest'. Former Army intelligence officer and Australian Liberty Alliance Senate candidate for Queensland, Bernie Gaynor, said Australia deserves 'better'."

Those following CDRSalamander are well acquainted with the Diversity Industry's disgusting interference in all matters military. Each Thursday brings another revelation of an umpteenth victory for the PC crowd in enforcing political correctness on the Armed Forces at the cost of combat effectiveness and safety for the troops, and those they are supposed to protect.

It now appears however that the rot has also affected the Australian Defense Forces.

At the end of 2015 the Australian government put the official number of "Australians" having joined IS at around 110.

That number is almost certainly too low. A New York based think tank consisting of international terror experts put the number as high as 255.

If that is true, then Australian muslims fighting for IS would outnumber Australian muslims serving in the ADF by a factor of 2.5...

... and yet Major General Rick Burr found it necessary to approve "demands" - presumably by the same kind of PC bullies and Diversity Nazis destroying the US Armed Forces from within - to halal-certify A FULL THIRD OF COMBAT MENU OPTIONS.

I don't fucking care if Major General Burr is a distinguished graduate of the United States Marine Corps, has a Distinguished Service Cross, or received the Bronze Star or the US's Legion of Merit (twice, reportedly). If what the Daily Mail writes is true...


And should be sacked.


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Eric Bosloor said...

It is true that every member of the unit should be made to feel inclusive. However, the processes that are being implemented should make sense as well instead of simply accommodating. On the other hand, I don’t think the situation should be made into such a huge issue because Halal-certified still consists of meats and vegetables which are sufficient to provide a day’s worth of energy to the troops.