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The Anglican Church has by now developed something like a tradition of dhimmitude. What's to make otherwise of the Bishop of London encouraging his priests to grow beards to increase their standing with muslims?

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"...Clergymen should grow beards to emphasise their holiness to Muslims, the Bishop of London has suggested.

... Writing in the Church Times, Rev. Chartres, who himself sports a 'modest' beard, said: 'The discovery that two of the most energetic priests in east London had recently grown beards of an opulence that would not have disgraced a Victorian sage prompted me to look again at the barbate debate throughout Church history.

'The two priests work in parishes in Tower Hamlets. Most of the residents are Bangladeshi-Sylheti, for whom the wearing of a beard is one of the marks of a holy man.'
He said the desire of the clergy of Tower Hamlets to 'reach out to the culture of the majority of their parishioners can only be applauded'.

... One of the priests praised by the Bishop of London, the Rev. Atkinson told The Telegraph he found having a beard had helped provide a connection with many people in his parish, around 85 per cent of whom are Muslim...."

I wrote "something like a tradition of dhimmitude" because you may recall that the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, in 2004 chose to commemmorate 9/11 by giving a lecture in al-Azhar University in Cairo to blather about the "common ground" between Christians and muslims. In 2008 he expressed his belief that the adoption of certain aspects of Sharia law in the UK "seems unavoidable". And just before retiring in 2012 he also opened that wearing the veil "could help muslim women assert themselves".

The current Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, is not much better. BareNaked Islam in 2014 sported an article in which Welby "warned against developing a “culture of fear” towards Muslims in Britain and said the proportion of Muslims in Britain who are radicalized remained “extraordinarily small.”

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There are many other examples. We know all about the (grand) majority of our political "leaders" being spineless cowards and bastards when it comes to standing up for western civilization.

But what is just as frightening is the phenomenon that our religious leaders too, by and large, show an extraordinary lack of zeal for standing up for their part of the job.

And the most obvious example is, naturally, the pope himself. A deluded social justice warrior who last year allowed an outfit called "Racing Extinction" to project images of endangered species on Saint Peter's Basilica in order to lament the Earth's "dwindling biodiversity"...

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... but who COULD NOT EVEN BE BOTHERED to raise but a finger, much less issue a strong-worded message, when the ruins of Iraq's oldest Christian monastery, that of Saint Elijah on a hill near Mosul, were pulverized by IS around the same time as his lightshow was going on. The photos below are a rather poignant symbol of the Middle East's "dwindling religious diversity".

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That monastery, locally called Deir Mar Elia, was in all likelihood constructed by Assyrian monks in the late 6th Century - in fact more or less around the time the gruesome death cult known as islam saw the light. Later, a Chaldean Catholic order moved in.

In 1743, the Persian leader, Tahmaz Nadir Shah, ruined the monastery and offered its 150 monks the choice between conversion to islam or death.

The 150 monks refused to convert, choosing death instead.

Tahmaz Nadir Shah had them massacred.

We need Christian leaders like Saint Elijah's 150 butchered monks...



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