Saturday, January 30, 2016


Talking Heads with Once in a lifetime, from the 1980 album Remain in Light. Talking Heads was a new wave band formed in NYC in 1975, and consisted of David Byrne (singer, guitar), Chris Frantz (drums) and wife Tina Weymouth (bass), and Jerry Harrison (keyboards, guitar).

I will forever remember that album, since me being an aviation freak, it noticed it first and foremost because of the stylized red Grumman Avengers with the Himalayas in the background on the back of the cover, an image originally intended to be the front artwork. Weymouth and Frantz conceived it, and Weymouth chose Avengers because her father, Ralph Weymouth, who rose to the rank of Vice Admiral in the USN, reportedly flew the type. I was unable to upload the image - tried it three times, failed each time (I use Photobucket). Must be protected somehow.

Deep Purple with Child in Time. From the album Deep Purple in Rock (1970). We will forgive them that it is a protest song against the Vietnam War - they were young and foolish.

English rock band, originally prog rock, formed in 1968 in Hertford. Originally progressive rock, they later evolved towards heavy metal and hard rock, pioneering that field with Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin.

Slaap wel.


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