Sunday, January 24, 2016


The following video is remarkable because for the first time since the "refugee" invasion an apparently well-organized body of serving and retired Austrian Army officers speaks out about the grave dangers threatening Austria and, by extension, Europe.

Wehrhaftes Oesterreich is their name - which can be loosely translated as Fortified Austria. Hat tip for the video our irreplaceable friends at Gates of Vienna, and thanks to Nash Montana for translation, and to Vlad Tepes for subtitling:

It is about time that we see the emergence of just such a group. It should be clearly understood that in normal, peaceful circumstances, I regard the military as just another state body subjected to the control and scrutiny of the executive and legislative powers. Again in normal circumstances, calls for a strenghtening of the military by the military should be channeled to the state and the people by the responsible Defence Minister only.

These are, however, no normal circumstances.

Europe, and by extension the entire West, is being threatened on two fronts.

First there is the threat from within. The continent is being irresistibly steered towards an demographical, economical and cultural suicide by an immoral, reckless and ignorant political class of which virtually all strains, from left over center to what passes for the right, have drunk the Kool-Aid of the insane multiculti ideology for far too long. Far too many of the leftist dogmas have, over the past half-century, and enthusiastically forwarded by the media and the education establishment, found their way into the collective heads of the body politic - and the citizenry. This has had the effect of:

* a loss of belief in who and what we are,
* a denunciation of the political, cultural, economical and technological marvels Europe has given the world
* a rejection of Christianity, which, far from being an impediment in Europe's past, has actually been an essential factor in Europe's path to global leadership
* a willful ignorance of the enormous sacrifices by generations past better than us
* a loss of morals and morale
* a sapping of the strength to offer resistance to the decay, even to the point of taking away people's will to procreate

Second, there is a huge threat from outside, as evidenced by the invasion of muslim hordes on a scale unseen in history; the impending invasion of disgruntled Africans fleeing a continent of which the failures are as much due to their own incapacity to get things right as to the eager implementation of failed leftist theories; and the flaring up of old East-West tensions.

In the face of such threats, if the political elites are unwilling or incapable to take the necessary steps to PROTECT Europe and its native citizens... the military MUST step in.

I therefore hope the emergence of the Wehrhaftes Oesterreich group heralds the appearance of many more such groups across Europe:

 photo WehrhaftesOesterreich_zpsaxh9s2l6.jpg

May this be a start.


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