Friday, November 19, 2010


Regular reader and commenter Joanne linked to this appalling story of the burning alive of a Coptic man at the hands of muslim thugs in Egypt:

"... Muslim Burns a Young Copt Alive and Murders His Father Because of a Rumor Voice of the Copts

A Muslim man set fire to a Coptic young man, murdered his father and wounded his younger brother, after it was rumored that the young Copt allegedly had a relationship with the Muslim man's sister!!

The events took place in the small village of "Dmas" Meet-Ghamr, after a rumor spread around of a relationship between the 25-year-old Copt Shihata Sabri, and the sister of a Muslim man named Yasser Ahmed Qasim.


Yasser went to Coptic Shehata, holding a gasoline canister, poured it over him and set him on fire, as bystanders looked on in horror. The young Copt threw himself into the adjacent canal to try to put out the flames from his burning body. The fire left burns all over his body, leading to his death.

Following this incident, people in the village rallied and when the 60-years-old Sabri Shehata, father of the Coptic victim arrived, he was attacked by a group of Muslims stabbing him with knives and daggers; one stab penetrated his back to come out of his abdomen below the rib cage, resulting in his death, after being transferred to hospital.

A Coptic witness said that Yasser Ahmed, who is reputed to be a thug, and others have also beaten the Coptic victim's younger brother, 22-year old Rami Sabri Shehata, causing a deep injury to his head.

The security forces moved into the village of Dmas, which has a population of 60,000 people, including over 1000 Copts, surrounded the victims' house and deployed extra forces throughout the village.

The offenders were arrested together with the accused Yasser Ahmed Kassem and his friend, as well as the Copt Shehata Sabry who was held in custody in Dmas Hospital. The offenders were charged with deliberate homicide.

The body of Coptic victim Sabri Shehata was released for burial after prayers took place at the Church of Our Lady in the village of Dakados, which lies 20 kilometers from Dmas, amid a tight security siege."

The photo I used to illustrate this umpteenth article on the subject of rising violence against Egypt's Christians, is not of Mr. Sabri Shehata. It being quite obvious that there's, in all likelihood, no photographic evidence of the incident, since it all happened so quickly, I had to resort to using this photograph. And why? Because it will all the better make people realize that this is a COMMON OCCURENCE to non-muslims living in muslim-dominated countries.

A couple of weeks ago there was an outrage - AN OUTRAGE! - in Belgian newspapers about Israeli soldiers teasing and humiliating Paleostinians. In one case an Israeli trooper was dancing around a Pali prisoner, in another they rummage around in an Pali house and harass the inhabitants:


"Israeli soldiers tease Palestinians." Now THAT is worth covering for Belgian MSM!!!

These ridiculous non-items made the news.

What do you think the chances are the burning alive of Mr Shehata and the stabbing to death of his father will make it to Belgium's "top" newspapers?

To ask the question is to answer it.

On the other hand, try to imagine what the reaction would be if the boot were on the other foot.

Pray for these poor sods.

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If you thought Egypt was a liberal muslim country, think again. From our pals at Gates of Vienna.

Link to this video as much as possible. Post it on your blog. GET-THE-WORD-OUT.

Islam is CANCER.


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