Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Via Theo Spark. Dennis Prager explains a sixty-year old problem in a nutshell.

In this, like in every other Middle Eastern conflict, the real problem is not land, or water, or oil. It's islam.

The time has come that people start to acknowledge that islam is the deeper, underlying problem. Individuals who are raised in an islamic cultural environment are far more likely to develop pathologies of the mind and the soul. Islam turns people who would otherwise be fine, caring individuals into potential monsters. THAT is the problem. And what else would you expect from the teachings of an illiterate traitor, brute, sadist and pervert? How else can someone who cheated and murdered his way through life and who stomped his dick in a nine year old girl still be "The perfect Example" to 1.5 billion muslims?

There is your answer for why the so-called Middle Eastern Problem seems to last forever. In the movie The Beast of War, the Russian tank driver Konstantin Koverchenko says his commandant, Sgt. Daskal, that "you can't be a good soldier in a rotten war".

Likewise, you can't be a good human in a rotten religion.

Until the day that this scourge of the world, the muslim "religion", is totally eradicated, or at least rendered impotent or put somehow in quarantine, this world will not know real and lasting peace.


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