Monday, November 15, 2010


Largely unknown outside The Netherlands is the city of Gouda, home of famous cheeses. The outside world - at least in the blogosphere - has for a long time regularly heard of the appalling problems caused by "youths", read Moroccan youngsters, in cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam or Utrecht. But below the radar Gouda has had its share too, and over the past year the mayhem has gone crescendo. Police patrols and indigenous Dutchmen are regularly attacked by stone-throwing Moroccan teens (some as young as eight(!)), there are regular arson cases, people are harassed, robbed, scolded at, windows are thrown in, buses attacked, bus drivers molested etc etc etc. On November 5, 2010, The respected daily De Telegraaf ran an article with the telling header
"Street scum rules in Gouda".

And now even the socialist mayor, Wim Cornelis, begins to see the light. Sadly, as could be expected, his "solution" is essentially a non-solution, and amounts basically to shifting the problems elsewhere, in the best of leftist traditions. Indeed, Cornelis wants to... displace problematic Moroccan families elsewhere.


An interesting and often overlooked aspect of the troubles caused by the "youths" is that their parents are part of the problem. According to Cornelis "parents deny that there are problems" [with their children - MFBB], while outside their offspring is wreaking havoc, causing mayhem, and harassing autochton Dutchmen. "Then nothing else remains but to ban [deport - MFBB] them", or (what a howler), "trade them for other problem families from other cities". I kid you not. This is truly a typical socialist approach. Completely screw up a situation, then come up with the nuttiest of "solutions".

Cornelis admits he "cannot solve the problems Gouda has been facing for year. Do we perhaps have to execute the youths? Hack off hands? We do everything that's possible".

Wanna hear my opinion? First off, this blunt idiot should give his police the weapons and the mandate to shoot and kill, if necessary. If it goes on like this, an entire city will in the end be hijacked. Second, he might ventilate some sane ideas about restricting immigration upwards, to his socialist overlords. Said ladies and gentlemen see no problem whatsoever, keep the maghreb sluices wide open, and still think the biggest threat to Dutch society comes from Geert Wilders.

In times yet to come, the millions and millions of indigenous Dutchmen and -women who still did not vote for Wilders and his PVV will bitterly deplore that they kept believing in the left's fairytales and cast their vote with the man who might have changed it all, while there was still time. At some point in the not too distant future, the colossal STUPIDITY of deliberately importing endless hordes of islamic sand apes, out of an insane and grossly misplaced feeling of guilt for the west's colonial past, its "robbing" of earth's resources and what not, and an equally insane desire to create more 'diversity' in Dutch society, will become crystal clear. Even for socialists.

But by then it may be too late.


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