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Via Galliawatch, July 31, 2010:

"... The inauguration of a new mosque has become an everyday event in France, but when the Prime Minister is the one doing the inaugurating, it is news. On June 28, François Fillon inaugurated the great mosque of Argenteuil, called the Al-Ihsan mosque. In nº 88 of his weekly newsletter (available through subscription), Yves Daoudal reviews the event in an article entitled "The French Islamic Republic", a title that summarizes in few words the institutionalized dhimmitude of the current French government:

On Monday, Prime Minister François Fillon inaugurated the great Al-Ihsan mosque of Argenteuil. It is the second mosque for Argenteuil, that has, in addition, eight prayer rooms.

It was the first time that a Prime Minister of the Republic inaugurated a mosque. When Sarkozy created the French Council of the Muslim Religion (CFCM), Cardinal Lustiger had noted that Islam was becoming the State religion. By inaugurating the Al-Ihsan mosque, François Fillon confirmed and illustrated that Islam IS the religion of the French State..."


A good two weeks ago, the eastern city of Grenoble was the scene of violent riots instigated by muslims. A young scoundrel, a certain 27-year old Karim Boudouda who had just robbed a casino near Grenoble and who had already an impressive record for felony and armed robbery, was shot dead by the police. Now, among white autochtons, the tale that a white bandit got felled by police bullets, is generally greeted with satisfaction. Not so with muslims. No matter how serious the criminal facts, a muslim who commits a crime against non-muslims is a hero and must be feted. If he is killed, he immediately becomes a martyr and his death must be avenged.

Thus happened. Via The Age:

"...The rioting started after a memorial service for 27-year-old Karim Boudouda, who had died 24 hours earlier in a shootout with police after allegedly holding up the Uriage-les-Bains casino near Grenoble.

Shortly before midnight, a group of about 30 youths armed with baseball bats and iron bars attacked a tram in Boudouda's La Villeneuve district and forced the passengers out.

Police intervened and the youths began torching vehicles and attacking police who responded with tear gas.

About 2.30am local time, a youth emerged at the front of the rioters and fired a shot at police, who returned fire, police spokeswoman Brigette Jullien told AFP.

Nobody was injured in the riots, said police, who arrested two men aged 18 and 20 for setting fire to vehicles and three more for attempted looting of shops.

Hortefeux, with a horde of media in tow, made a lightning 15-minute tour of La Villeneuve in the afternoon and promised quick action by the authorities...."

Brice Hortefeux is, apart from a roaring fool, a 200 per cent incompetent, a despicable dhimmi and avid mosque-inaugurator, and a ball-less and spineless creep, also France's Interior Minister. On the last National Holiday, July 14, he refused to make public, for the first time, the numbers of cars torched by muslims in their war to create sole-muslim enclaves in the French Republic, saying that instead those numbers would be included in the yearly total.

As things stand now, by year's end an estimated 300,000 cars will have been destroyed by muslim mobs since 2005...


... and nobody seems to give a damn, and everyone's pretending that Lindsay Lohan in rehab is news far more important.

Autochton Europeans or law-abiding immigrants, no matter their race or religious beliefs - with the exception of islam itself of course - must prepare themselves for open war with muslims on European soil.

To those persons of authority in the militaries of European countries, if you cherish the rights and privileges that our peoples have gained over the centuries, very often at an extremely heavy cost in blood and treasure...

... if you do not want to go down in history as persons who did not take their responsibility...

... then it is your DUTY to plan for using our armed forces in open conflict with the muslim communities on our soil.

This potential future conflict may involve, if necessary, the use of heavy artillery, tanks, and ground attack aircraft. It would be therefore foolish to follow the idiot politicians' lead and cave in to their demands to neutralize - actually rather neuter - your units and materiel, as is currently happening in virtually every western country. You must SPEAK OUT AGAINST THAT.

Lessons should be drawn from the nineties conflicts in the Balkans, and I mean not only from a "technical" viewpoint. It means first and foremost, recognizing the REAL enemy. The catastrophic error of backing the wrong warring party may NEVER AGAIN be repeated.


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