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Over at The Brussels Journal, the splendidly lucid and eloquent Takuan Seiyo has his next installment in the inimitable From Meccania to Atlantis series up - his seventeenth, in the meantime.

It should be noted that personally, I do not entirely subscribe to Seiyo's views, in particular where he denounces the West's efforts to install manu militari functioning democracies in the appalling hellhole that is the muslim world. It should equally be noted that I do not consider these efforts as a magic cure-for-all. It is simply that, unlike Seiyo, I view operations like OIF and OEF/ISAF as the only strategic game that the West has - apart from transforming Mecca in a desolate plain of black glass and obliterating perhaps a dozen muslim key cities.

That said, I have the highest regard for the rest of Seiyo's theses, and I sincerely hope that one day, saner generations, perhaps mulling over his manuscripts on the ashes of our civilization, will give him the recognition he so manifestly deserves.


"... As the prevailing social fairytales and phantom finance dominoes topple sequentially, the ruling elites that constructed that particular train of hollow pieces engage in increasingly frantic actions to disguise and postpone the effects of the staggered downfall. To paper-over gaping craters in the founding concepts and subsequent applications of the global economy and financial capitalism, they blow up sovereign debts to levels that will cause either sovereign defaults or currency cave-ins in the future. Lipstick no longer adhering to the Muslim jihad and Mexican reconquista hemlock they have planted in the West, they switched from their transparently ludicrous Beautiful Diversity propaganda to totalitarian controls like the Patriot Act in the United States, the Equality Act in Great Britain, Hate Speech laws and Snatcher-orchestrated denunciations of fictive “racism.” They are destroying their peoples in punishment for their own treason and stupidity – and nothing seems able to stop them.

This type of mega-scam that transfers the consequences of foolishness and evil by the few onto the many or by Group A onto Group B has become the main defining feature of Western democracies, as it has always been of banana republics and socialist utopias.

Instead of allowing crooked, incompetent and bankrupt TBTF (“too-big-to-fail”) enterprises to fail, elected oligarchs have socialized the Crooks’ losses by buying their garbage book assets with the people’s money at fictitious face values.

Instead of leaving Greece & Co. to eat the consequences of swindle and socialism, the EU is spending Germans’ and Americans’ (through the IMF) money in a futile attempt to bail out the bail-unworthy.

Instead of leaving spenders and speculators to learn Reality’s lesson, the rulers’ fiat saves the spenders at the expense of the savers and the speculators at the expense of the investors.

Instead of making amends for the myopic madness of exporting the West’s industrial base to China, the captains of everyone’s fate raid everyone’s pocket to support and morally incapacitate the multitudes that have been idled for life by that export.

Instead of properly controlling the criminally violent and insane, the Masters-of-Destiny have disarmed – everywhere but in America (and not for lack of trying) – the law-abiding, peaceful and sane.

Instead of allowing the best to rise to the top, they push to the top the possessors of magic skin tones and preferred orificial parameters. This cuts down the future of the West at the knees.

Instead of dressing the critical wounds they have inflicted on their peoples by seeding among them imported Muslims, the reigning Loons engage in the futile madness of trying to convert imported Muslims into postmodern Westerners and the Muslims’ 7th-century home countries into pluralistic democracies.

First they brought in the Muslims, the Aztecs and the Bantu under the pretext that we are all the same. When the imports turned out not to be the same, they invented Multiculti Diversity. Then the imports started acting out their diversity by destroying the West wholesale by PETN or drunken driving, gang rape or gangster crime, street warfare or endless welfare. So the ruling savants reinvented the Police State, crushing the West’s 800-years of struggle toward natural inalienable right and freedom from state tyranny.

Instead of profiling and discouraging easily identifiable colonizers, the Loons have turned major features of modern life into a nightmare for everyone. Air travel is now a slow and humiliating torture for a billion people who wouldn’t know Allahu Akbar from a name for a new cocktail. Wiring money to your daughter in another country rings investigative bells in three snooping centers around the world. Your face, your car and home are on Big Brother cameras always, but hostile Muslims who live off public welfare demand and get exemptions from the snooping that only Muslim terrorism can even try to justify.

Instead of begging the public’s pardon for their importation of 35 million low-skill soldiers of Allah to Europe, they plan to import 50 million more. Instead of atoning for the incalculable damage to the U.S. wrought by their importation of 35 million low-skill rejects from Mexico et al., they pull out all stops –and that’s the first stage only -- to plant another 20 million on American soil. Including the soil that was once Mexico.

Instead of disowning their Wilsonian madness after the Vietnam fiasco, America’s rulers (at times with NATO’s help) have waged a succession of foolish wars on distant, backward peoples, prosecuted with their unhappy subjects’ blood and money. The wars, the lost lives and limbs, the incinerated trillions in taxpayers’ money are all a monstrous stupidity, for it all unfolds with an eye on CNN, and not on Sun Tzu and Clausewitz. The strategic objective is inherently lunatic too, for you cannot change alien peoples that do not want and cannot change.

Reckoning that autochthons are increasingly bitter about the witches’ brew rising all around them, the rulers have doubled their efforts at population replacement so that the new colonizers -- unskilled, uneducated and poor -- augment the Looters’ Coalition in the 50-50 Neosocialist state on the welfare receiving side. In America in particular, half-suitable foreign colonizers or indigenous minorities are recruited to acquire a quasi-education in dumbed-down colleges, and then offered choice government positions. This streams more “minorities” into the Looters’ Coalition, but on the paycheck receiving side. Furthermore, such positions give them the power that their strong tribal instincts skew toward a further containment and dispossession of the beleaguered founding populations.

America, falling into a Cloward-Piven black hole, deserves a chapter all its own. But in Europe, a former leader of the Communist Party of the Portuguese Workers/Revolutionary Movement of the Portuguese Proletariat is President of the European Commission. Norway’s government offsets its inexcusable Whiteness by its 50% balance of estrogen. Sweden does Norway one better by not only having a Ministry for Integration and Gender Equality, but putting an African woman in charge. Germany, not to be upstaged in virtue, declares via its Green Party, “You are not born a man, you are turned into one."

In Australia, the country’s major newspaper writes approvingly about “The Australian Face of Islam” while exhorting, “Together under the minarets” . In Great Britain, miracles of Loon transfiguration cast rough and stupid socialist women in comedic parts as Cabinet Ministers and ethnocentric Pakistani Muslims in the robes of Peers of the Realm. The assiduous planting of inassimilable Muslims has increased the crop 30-fold in the last 30 years, to 2.5 million now.

White man’s world has gone crazy. Any play written by the Marquis de Sade and directed by him with a cast of fellow inmates at the Asylum at Charenton could not have been more grotesque.

People have had enough. But to return a Western democracy to its rightful owners requires a majority of votes. Such a majority can no longer obtain for any political platform that would tackle even the top three major problems that bedevil the West: bankrupting socialism, nonwhite immigration, and implanted Islam. Not to mention the next dozen grave problems: irredeemable debt, the tyranny of the metastized State, the Looters’ coalition’s chokehold, sham global economy, fraudulent financial capitalism, minoritarian tyranny, shattered social capital, barbaric mass culture, nihilism, democracy turned idiocracy, breakdown of sexual norms and results (i.e. no babies), and falsehoods and self-hate careening through the land like a band of headless horsemen..."

Other concerned westerners often say that we need a new Charles Martel.

I tend to think more that we need a new Flavius Aetius.



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