Saturday, August 07, 2010


In the early nineties, The Charlatans, a key group of the so-called Madchester scene, had a smash hit, in my opinion at least, with The Only One I Know. Other notable Madchester groups were The Happy Mondays, Inspiral Carpets, The Stone Roses, 808 State etc. They essentially combined psychedelic and indie rock with dance. A good example is e.g. The Happy Mondays' Step On (which is actually a John Kongos cover).

Quite good material from The Pursuit of Happiness, a now forgotten Canadian rock/indie band. Imnsho, this hit, She's So Young, is far, far better than the song with which they made their debut, I'm an adult now. Even though that one was apparently a smash hit in Canada. She's so young is from the album Love Junk, 1989. Singer's Moe Berg. I hope he's been to the hairdresser by now, that long hippie hair sucks as bad as a Christmas tree on a pyramid.

Good night tonight. This was Outlaw Mike from between rolling fields in Belgium.


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