Sunday, November 16, 2008


Every week on Sunday our own personal Gunnery Sergeant Hartmann has a "Sunday Funnies" up. I hope he's not offended by me calling him sgt, btw. Personally, I think the CDR is a Rear Admiral or something, or at least the skipper of a nukular carrier. Anyway, I figured we should do something similar since, hey, we can't rail against the socialization of the US or the f*cking islamization of Europe all the time. In vain looking for something worth repeating every seventh day, and alas being a rather humorless and dour character myself, I quickly bumped against the limitations of my sphere of interests. So here it is, I will have to confine myself to this topic. I'm sure you'll all heartbroken.


Hey, admit it's better than looking at a faucet. Charles Johnson eat your heart out!!! DowneastBlog-LGF 1-0!!!

Obersturmbannfuehrer MFBB.

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