Wednesday, November 19, 2008


For a vast country and emerging superpower as India, it sure gets little attention. I was reminded of that upon reading the entry "The muslim insurgency in India" in today's Gates of Vienna. Baron Bodissey has some astute remarks:

"India is the single largest theater of conflict in the Counterjihad. There are about 140 million Muslims in India — roughly equivalent to half the population of Western Europe — and they comprise more than 13% of the nation’s population. Since the Partition of 1947, which separated India from Pakistan (and what is now Bangladesh), the percentage of Muslims in India has increased significantly, while the Hindus and Sikhs of Bangladesh and Pakistan have all but disappeared.

India is subjected to frequent and horrendous terrorist attacks committed by Muslim extremists. If the amount of death and suffering caused by the average Muslim terrorist attack in India were experienced in the West, it would be a crisis of unprecedented magnitude. But such things happen in India all the time.

According to the few contacts I have in India, the political culture on the subcontinent is as much in thrall to the madness of political correctness as is the United States or Europe. Well-meaning people want to believe that Muslims in India are just like anybody else, and that any problems with them are due to a lack of understanding or a failure of outreach."

For those offended by the provocative title of this post, read again the first paragraph of the Baron's post. Indeed, despite the fact in 1947 vast migrations took place between what was then West and East Pakistan and India - muslims moving from India to the Pakistans and Hindus into the opposite direction - large numbers of muslims and hindus remained in both countries (it should be recalled that in 1971 East Pakistan became Bangladesh). And yet, sixty years later, both Pakistan and Bangladesh are practically Hindu-free (or shall we say Hindurein), while in India, majority Hindu to begin with, tens of millions of muslims have apparently, if not thrived, then at least lived good enough to prefer to continue live in the world's largest democracy.

It is precisely this observation, which for some reason until now eluded me, that caused me to put the above title in place instead of the more politically correct "Islamic extremism eating away India".

Why is that in EVERY country where a large muslim body becomes majority, the tipping point heralds an accelerated religious cleansing of non-muslim minorities thereafter?

India's The Sunday Pioneer has a compelling article, by Chandan Mitra:

"It's 63 and counting. That's the number of bomb blasts that have happened in India over the last six months. This works out to an average of one every three days! Of course, blasts usually don't happen singly. Most of the time, they are serial in nature for jihadis have perfected the art of creating a cascade of terror, be it in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Delhi or Guwahati.

The Government will not admit this, but the jihadis have succeeded in their diabolical aim of creating an atmosphere of insecurity and fear across the country. No city, no State is immune to this. Even if explosions haven't happened in Kerala yet, it doesn't mean that terror merchants don't have the State on their radar.


The terrorists' strategy is two-pronged. First, they wish to destabilise the economy and cripple visible symbols of India's success -- the Bombay Stock Exchange building, Indian Institute of Science and offices of IT giants in Bangalore, to name just two. Alongside, they seek to knock the bottom out of Narendra Modi's Vibrant Gujarat, paralyse Rajasthan's tourism-driven economy, and spread panic through Delhi since events in the national Capital have a multiplier effect on publicity.

Their second, but parallel, strategy is to create pockets of Muslim dominance to serve as recruiting grounds through exploitation of the community's perceived sense of victimhood. That explains the concerted manner in which liberal and "secular" opinion was mobilised in defence of the Batla House terrorists in Delhi and the selective targeting of Bodo people in the Assam blasts -- a transparent bid to coerce indigenous populations of the North-Eastern States into submission...."

I'm sorry to spoil the happy multiculti dreams of a bunch of naives out there, but as time goes by, the evidence becomes undeniable. Islam is Cancer.


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