Saturday, June 23, 2018


Almost complete radio silence on the Sophia Loesche case of the past week. Who is, or rather was, Sophia Loesche?

Well, check out here, attention c'est en françwais.

Or here.

Well, Sophia Loesche was a 28 year old student and SPD (the German socialists) politician, at one time Chairwoman for the Socialist Youths, and she has been murdered. The perp is beyond doubt a 41 year old Moroccan truck driver, Merabet B., now arrested in Spain, to be extradited to Germany. Sophia hitchhiked from Leipzig to Nuernberg and accepted a ride from the punk, who no doubt oozed the famous, irresistible raw sexuality so characteristic of ME types.

On the evening of 14 June Sophia Loesche wanted to hitchhike her way from Leipzig to Nuernberg via the A9. From there she planned to continue to Amberg, 55 kloms further, to visit her family. Police determined that at around 17.45h she was in the company of several people at the ARAL gas station near the Grosskugel Highway exit in Schkeuditz near Leipzig. At 18.20h she boarded a truck there which then drove away in the direction of Nuernberg.

Miss Loesche's brother Andreas, himself a politican for the Greens, told police that at 19.45h she sent a rather extensive sms message to an acquaintance. After that, silence. Until last monday the Moroccan trucker was arrested in Spain. This is the message Andreas Loesche sent out to the world:

Seeing is believing. The square rooted idiot literally writes the following:

"Please share! Important UPDATE, June 18th // 4.30 PM +++ WE FOUND THE TRUCK! The most important witness is finally found! Most likely (if the trucker says the truth) my sister left the truck alive near Nuremberg (Germany) on the motorway number 9 at exit 49 (Lauf / Hersbruck) - this is the start of a new search!!!!"

That search took a wholly expected turn (wholly expected for normals anyway) a short bit later, when in the northern Basque region of Spain a partially burned body, apparently not instantly recognizable, was found. It turns out the trucker prolly did NOT say the truth, which must be a SHOCK to Andreas Loesche, cause in his worldview only AfD politicians, PEGIDA and Donald Trump types tell untruths.

The story that now slowly begins to transpire, according to the "Mittelbayerischer Zeitung" is that Sophia was murdered while still in Germany, on the Sperbes car park along the A9. By the culture enricher who gave her a ride. The Moroccan then drove his truck through half Western Europe to discard the body some 100 kloms SE of Bilbao. Apparently he and his mount had by that time raised enough alarm to warrant an arrest by Spanish police last Tuesday in the vicinity of Carboneros in Jaén province.

Miss Loesche was an enthusiastic advocate for open borders and the Wilkommenspolitik, and strived for Bamburg, where she was politically active, to become ‘bunter’ (more colorful).

Too bad she won't be around anymore to see that happen.


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