Monday, June 18, 2018


Another cry me a river article in De Standaard: HIGH NUMBER OF DIABETICS IN MUSLIM COMMUNITY:

"Het aantal diabetici ligt twee tot zes keer hoger in de Turkse en Marokkaanse gemeenschap. Niet leuk als je mierzoete muntthee krijgt op het Suikerfeest."

"The number of diabetics is twice till six times as high in the Turkish and Moroccan community. Not funny if you get served cloyingly sweet mint tea during Sugar Feast."

Well, DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHH!!! They are asking for it, isn't it? Can you imagine liberals weeping hectoliters for stubborn smokers? "The number of lung cancer deaths is twice to six times as high among smokers. Not funny if you get profferred a cigarette in your favorite bar."

Of course not! Or, can you fathom your run of the mill veggie crying to heaven for alcoholics? "The number of hepatic cancer deaths is twice to six times as high among alcoholics. Not funny if you get served a nice brandy on your nephew's birthday party."

If anything, veggies would scoff at those of us who can't leave the bottle alone.

But with muslims it's different. No matter how catastrophic the consequences of their lifestyle choices are, rest assured that liberals, socialists, the LGBTQWERTY cabal, the watermelons, you name it, will always have a sympathetic ear for the plight of their muslim brethren who, sniff sniff, suffer from diabetes, especially so during ramadan!

Anyway, if you were worrying about religious fanaticism, genital mutilation and muslim terrorism making huge inroads in the western world ever since our feckless leaders in their infinite wisdom rolled out the red and green carpet for the followers of muhammad, despair no longer! There are also far less harmful niceties coming over. You only have to look at the infograph below, of which the key phrase to retain is: "The MENA countries have the highest prevalence of diabetes in the world." Golly, as if we didn't suspect it, what with muslims' over the top consumption of sugar. Yup, that's a staggering 11 per cent of the population. Another phantastic cultural enrichment coming our way!

And luckily, for the time being there's still plenty of us infidel dogs left to pick up the tab for the treatment!


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