Tuesday, September 05, 2017


At age 52 I have become slightly annoyed when being reminded by foreign nationals that my country is only known for it's waffles, Brussels sprouts, TinTin, beer, moules et frites ... and chocolate. That image is a caricature, since all that stuff is not even in the top ten of Belgium's top export categories.

Be that as it may, there's no denying the fact that chocolate is one of those things that will inevitably be linked for eternity plus three days when mentioning our small kingdom at the North Sea. Top brands include Neuhaus, Côte d’Or, Jean Galler, Daskalidès, Leonidas, and ... Godiva.

It now appears that Godiva has gone full throttle for halal. Via Het Nieuwsblad:

"Belgian chocolate maker Godiva announced that it will no longer produce liquor pralines. In 2008 te concern was bought by the Turkish group Ülker.

Production of liquor-filled pralines was stopped in April of this year already. A spokesman for the group argued a "change of strategy" was needed.

In Walloon media the talk is that the purpose of this move is to accommodate an islamic public. "Our strategy is now to offer one and only one range to everybody", says a Godiva spokesman to Sudpresse. "Pralines with alcohol are only aimed at adults (...). We wish to offer our products in a universal manner to a public as broad as possible".

Godiva Chocolatier was founded in 1926 by Joseph Draps. He opened his first store near Brussels' Grote Markt [Grand Square, MFBB]. In 1967 the Campbell Soup Company acquired Godiva. These sold the Belgian company in turn to Turkish group Ülker in 2008."

What a load of steaming hogwash. "Pralines with alcohol are only aimed at adults". B-O-O-L. When I was a kid and there was some event or party (marriage, Xmas, New Year, an anniversary, you name it) there were ALWAYS scores of liquor-filled pralines on hand, and it was kids who ran away with most of them. "We wish to offer our products in a universal manner to a public as broad as possible". Yeah right cowards, and in order to do that you simply dispense with the alcohol to suit your muslim overlords! Cause you reckon the lame Fleming cannot even be bothered to get out of his chair to protest this umpteenth sign that islamization is proceeding not one step at a time but two, sorry, make that three.

Look, as a capitalist I cannot seriously take issue when a company decides to produce goods and stuff aimed at a particular segment of society. I have no business telling company X or company Y that they should cater to this or that segment of the market.

So if a muslim group acquires a Belgian company and scraps alcohol, so be it - alas, but that's how it is.

But for God's sake, PUH-LEEZE!!! DON'T try to sell this as a "strategy" to "offer a range appealing to as broad a public as possible." It's nonsense, it's a outright LIE, and it amounts to yet another muslim intrusion in a country where islam has no business.

Cause it ain't. It's yet another slap in our face by neo-ottomans. And judging by the following ad for stuff they've been offering for some time now, the decision to ban alcohol was but a matter of time:

It's a crying shame and a g*ddam nightmare. But if companies can choose to produce stuff and goods aimed at this or that subset of consumers, so too can consumers choose to not buy products from these or those manufactureres anymore. It's why I exhort my fellow countrymen and -women...

... to never ever buy Godiva anymore. Halal is for suckers.


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Drake's Place said...

Politically correct / Halal "friendly" chocolates. It was just a matter of time. What a crock.