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The ramadan is over. As you may recall, some ten days ago I reported on the Belgian King's visit to a muslim family in Everberg near Ghent to break iftar together, in the spirit of, ah, reflection or whatever. The monarch was impressed: "This is a lesson for all of us, for society as a whole".

And it's a lesson the muslim subjects of the Infidel King take to heart, each and every year. The end of ramadan 2017 was no different. Except it was. It was more and more of that reflection and coming together thingy. Only not in the way our good Saxe-Cobourg scion imagined:

13 year old Moroccan arrested for theft in Borgerhout (Antwerp): police immediately beleaguered by inhabitants neighborhood:

 photo arrestatie_borgerhout_zpsuln9fabt.jpg


 photo ramadan_rellen_antwerpen_zpsvyobfemy.jpg

"A group of youths attacked two police officers on Antwerp's Sinksenfoor. The officers were wounded."

As they say over here, "sjans"! When they are in tedddybear mode, they only throw eggs. From the same source:


 photo ramadan_rellen_antwerpen2_zpsbmgee7xo.jpg

In Liège they had somewhat less "sjans". An entire muslim neighborhood rebelled when a police patrol wanted to intervene in a quarrel between... two girls:

Via La Meuse, June 24, 2017:

 photo ramadan_rellenluik_zpsglzirpbw.jpg

"Bagarre générale, émeutes, jets de projectiles sur la police, la nuit a été très chaude dans le Carré à Liège: 7 individus déférés au parquet."

"General mayhem, riots, objects thrown at police: the night has been very hot in the Le Carré neighborhood in Liège: 7 people were arresed."

 photo ramadan_rellenluik2_zpsbq7bxpz5.jpg

"Les inspecteurs venaient de maîtriser la situation quand un mouvement de foule s’est produit. «Du jamais vu, en tout cas à cette heure-là», commente une porte-parole de la police de Liège. Des individus se sont alors mis à lancer des projectiles sur les policiers, dont des canettes et du mobilier issu des terrasses. Huit agents ont été légèrement blessés."

"The officers had just cooled down the situation [the quarrel between the two girls, MFBB] when a mob turned up and became agitated. "Never seen anything like this, at least at an hour like that", a spokesperson for the LPD said. "Individuals started throwing projectiles at the officers, amongst others sticks and chairs from nearby terraces. Eight officers were lightly wounded."

A video:

Still from the aftermath:

 photo ramadan_rellenluik3_zpsvdsdtpix.jpg

There were also reports of heavy clashes with police in Aalst as well as other incidents. Never before have the muslim riots after the end of ramadan been such a nuisance, which prompted the Antwerp mayor, Bart De Wever, to say that "for twenty years, a certain group shows agression in this period."

There followed a quick rebuke from Tahir Chahbi, a spokesman for the Muslim Executive, the main body representing muslims in Belgium: STOP LINKING VIOLENCE TO OUR COMMUNITY!

 photo tahar_chahbi_zpsdgasqbbm.jpg

"This is about unruly youths who attack the police, not the muslim community. We do not accept their behaviour and are fed up with all the problems they cause in certain neighborhoods, but the generalizations made by De Wever are absolutely not done.

Chahbi emphasizes that the Muslim Executive is sensibilizing (the youths) "to respect all laws". According to the spokesman extra patrols and controlling certain Antwerp neighborhoods will have an effect only in the short term. "More blue on the streets works repressive and not for long", says Chahbi. "You won't get results with that. While in the neighborhoods in question there are certainly people who want to participate in preventive projects around these problem youths. That's an effort that will require time, but if you work with this kind of youths and invests in courses and job creation for them, in two or three years you will have a wholly different atmosphere in these neighborhoods."

Except that Belgian authorities have been doing this kind of thing for twenty years, with no results at all. Ah, the famous job creation mantra!!! Marie Harf comes to mind:

Over and out from Europe, as I am wont to say, the biggest Open Air Lunatic Asylum in the solar system.


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