Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Molenbeek may be the jihadi capital of Europe, but it is getting fierce competition from Schaarbeek, another one of the 19 communes making up Brussels. And for those preferring to be a pain in the ass here instead of looking for 72 virgins in the Syrian desert, the end of Ramadan offered the perfect occasion to give a big FU to the Belgian homo infidelitus. Via HLN:

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"SCHAARBEEK. Last Sunday muslims occupied a street in Schaarbeek to pray. The town council reacts angrily, since it did not give authorization for the event.

The day before yesterday, after the end of ramadan, muslims ventured on the street in front of the Kouba mosque to pray. Without authorization they occupied Vanderlinden Street. The faithful deemed it necessary to pray in the open because the street's mosque is too small. Schaarbeek police, faced with a fait accompli, closed off the street during the prayers.

Mayor Bernard Clerfayt (Défi) adressed the La Dernière Heure newspaper re the action: "Relations with the Schaarbeek mosques are normally spoken okay" he says. "They know that the town council does not condone religious activities in public space, no matter what the religion. The mosque had only gotten the green light of the Fire Department to pray inside."

The mayor added that he will write a letter to the mosque. He claims that they themselves are embarrassed with the whole affair and that they ensured him that this will not happen again."

Some conclusions:

a.) Again, muslims deliberately VIOLATED Belgian law. Try to occupy a street as a Belgian non-muslim when police is around and see what happens. So the town council reacted 'angrily'. I bet there were quite a few formerly white djellabas which afterwards were yellow at the crotch and dark brown in the butt region. Not.

b.) "The mosque is too small" is codespeak for "the muslims are growing ever more in number".

c.) Police, instead of rounding up/fining the lawbreakers, actually conceded defeat by sealing off the street, thereby setting a precedent for a follow-up.

d.) Mayor Clerfayt, an old Fleming-hater of the racist party FDF, is either clueless or deluding himself - probably both - if he says that "the mosque knows that the town council does not condone religious activities in the public space". They simply don't give a hoot that's what. Clerfayt's got a lot more balls when obstructing the rights of Flemings in the capital, by all accounts now less than 15 per cent of the population.

e.) So the mosque has "let it be known that it will not happen again". And if you believe that, I have a bridge across the Zenne to sell you for one dinar. Look out for next year. Either it WILL happen again, or they will blackmail the Schaarbeek council for funds to build a bigger mosque, to be coughed up by the infidel taxpayer of course.

And so it goes on, and it goes on, and it goes on, and it goes on, and it goes on, and it goes on. And one day you live in a majority muslim country and it's all over.

Prepare for civil war.


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