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The delirious and deranged dictator of the Bosphorus has basically exhorted the millions-strong Turkish diaspora in Western Europe to take over the continent through demographics. What the Ottoman Empire could never accomplish with military means, its descendant now wants to try it via the wombs of Turkish women already living here. Via Breitbart:

 photo erdogan_declaration_of_war_zpsel4lgzvx.jpg

"Turkey and Europe are locked in a bitter spat after Germany and the Netherlands blocked Turkish ministers from holding rallies to campaign for a ‘yes’ vote in next month’s referendum on expanding Erdogan’s powers.

Erdogan has repeatedly accused EU states of behaving like Nazi Germany over what he sees as discrimination against Turks, in comments that have caused outrage across the continent.

“From here I say to my citizens, I say to my brothers and sisters in Europe… Educate your children at better schools, make sure your family live in better areas, drive in the best cars, live in the best houses,” said Erdogan.

“Have five children, not three. You are Europe’s future.”

“This is the best answer to the rudeness shown to you, the enmity, the wrongs,” he added in a televised speech in the city of Eskisehir, south of Istanbul.

Some 2.5 million Turkish citizens resident in Europe are eligible to vote in elections in their homeland. But millions more people living in EU states have Turkish origins."

And what will Europe's answer be to this invasion of Young Turks? Why, change children's sex!!!

Also via Breitbart:

 photo transgender_insanity_sweden_zpsqn0zb9od.jpg

"Louise Frisén, child psychiatrist at the Astrid Lindgren Children’s Hospital, told Aftonbladet that in 2016, the gender investigation team saw 197 children who were interested in ‘transitioning’ to becoming the opposite sex.

“There’s a 100 per cent increase in numbers each year, and the people we’re seeing are younger and younger and more and more children are coming at very young ages,” she said, adding that “the increase is identical on the adult side of things, too,” she said.

Chief of Karolinska University Hospital’s gender identity team, Cecilia Dhejne, said the rise in children unhappy with having been born male or female reflects “greater openness” in Swedish society, but warned that resources are overstretched.

“The problem in Sweden is that there’s a long wait for young people, both for initiating an investigation into their gender identity and then also for the different parts of treatment across the country after that.”

“It is worrying”, said the Stockholm-based sexologist, cautioning that “having to wait in a queue can worsen the mental health of transgender people”.

“It’s sad on an individual level when people feel bad about themselves, and on a wider level it’s much better that young people are able to get started with their lives so they can contribute to society,” said Ms. Dhejne.

Sweden’s Public Health Minister Gabriel Wikström said: “It is totally unacceptable that there are deficiencies in care for transgender people at every stage of treatment.”

He told Aftonbladet the government had appointed a commission to investigate waiting times and gaps in care across the country, the results of which will be ready by October."

Hold that for a second. So the MINISTER for Public Health concludes that it is "totally unacceptable that there are deficiencies in care for transgender people at every stage of treatment!!!” Talk about having your priorities straight when your cities are turning into a war zone and are flooded by Third Worlders while a Turkish dictator is encouraging Turkish broads abroad to have FIVE children, and you know what, that's no message that will fall on deaf ears!

A couple of years back, after the great glorious inroads of gay marriage had been obtained in homo-smitten Europe, there was talk about what the next step would be. Many a rightwing pundit was of the opinion that threesome, or foursome, or multisome marriages would be the next "best" thing.

They were wrong. It was making sex changes mainstream.

It is truly UNBELIEVABLE that our politicians sing along with the lunatic mantra that your sex is something that can be changed surgically. It cannot. If you are born with a penis, you are a man. Have you got a womb and a vagina, you're a woman. Yes, there are clinics where they can stick something resembling a flaccid looking sausage to your body if you are convinced you were born a male in the body of female. But trust me, it's bogus. What people in such a situation need is decent counsel and therapy, a listening ear. It's sad. It's bad. We must acknowledge that some of us indeed find themselves in a gender-confused situation. But telling them they can solve their problems by mutilating themselves is NOT the solution. And that's clear to normal people.

Far too many of us, however, are no longer ruled by normal people. In my own country Belgium, State Secretary for Equal Chances Elke Sleurs has doctored a proposal of law, soon to be debated in Parliament, that would allow persons to officially change their sex WITHOUT having to undergo surgery. So that if you feel like a hot chick in a dockworker's body, it suffices to identify as a female to have the "M" on your passport changed to "F"!!!

Our insane politicians naturally enjoy the full and enthusiastic support of the cultural sector, the educational departments, and the media. Day in day out our impressionable youths are bombarded with series promoting the gay lifestyle, using drugs, sex for preteens and what not. Oh, and of course, muslims are SO cool!!! Take 'Skam' [shame - MFBB] for instance, a Norwegian series that, in the words of leftist rag The Guardian:

"... The show’s episodes, which range from 20 to 50 minutes, slowly reveal the world of a group of 16-year-olds in an Oslo high school, with clips posted at the time of day the events are supposed to be happening. It’s already three seasons deep (all are available online via NRK’s site), with each series focusing on a particular teenager from a group of makeshift friends. Eva, the protagonist of season one, has doubts about her boyfriend Jonas’s commitment to her; in season two Noora deals with her feelings for hard-to-read alpha male William; and in season three Isak comes to terms with his own sexuality. It may not sound that revolutionary, but it’s the frankness and calmness with which these subjects are dealt with that make Skam something special...

 photo skam_zpslyrsgyma.jpg

... "Vilde’s constant foot-in-mouth comments around Sana, a confident, nonchalant Muslim girl, are treated as low-hanging fruit, with Sana knocking back cliche after cliche about how Muslims are perceived by some in Norway rather than descending into a pit of despair. Likewise, Isak’s story begins as one we think we’ve seen before, the best friend of the confident kid (in this case, Jonas), who might finally find his feet. But that trope is destroyed by the end of the first season when it becomes clear something else is going on. Subtle hints are dropped about storylines throughout, but with so much to keep an eye on, it’d be hard for a sub-Reddit plot predictor to call most of these twists.""

Blah blah blah etc etc etc. Been there read that a million times. Last time when watching a clip from the Bundesbahn, jawohl, the German Railroad System. Enjoy the following clip which offers conclusive proof that Biodeutsche are Ignorant Bigots but MAN, those muslim girls are SMART!!!!

Makes you wonder why all the countries they come from are hellholes. Weird huh, what with them having on hand the biggest reservoir of smart chicks on the planet. Maybe it's got something to do with the trains of the Hindu Kush Bahn or Yemen Rail not running on time?

Anyway, every time you think Europe cannot sink any lower you're in for a surprise. And it is no different this time. Goatfucker Erdogan exhorts the millions of Turkish women in Western Europe to lay back, open their legs wide, think of the Ottoman Empire and make babies à volonté.

Meanwhile, the dwindling white population of Europe marvels at the Wonders and Joys of ramming dicks in anuses and cute girls exploring each other's vaginas... sexual techniques which have proven to be SO very successful at keeping a population level. Not!!!

To top things off, young people who should be helped by responsible psychiatrists are told they can cut off their penises and balls/cut out their vaginas and wombs and become the other sex, no problem!!!!

Last but not least, why not help White Europe's catastrophic decline by staying single? Or by rampant abortion? It's a woman's right, isn't it?

If this lunacy does not end soon, all those dynamics will catastrophically change the face of Europe in fifteen to twenty years.


Look at that muslim cunt in the photos above. For some reason, our moral betters seem to think that it will always be like that, veiled women living side by side with liberal broads having fun and thinking they can stay adolescents into their fifties.

The reality is that in twenty years, the proportions are going to be reversed. And Isak, well, Isak will have to be VERY, VERY careful in Norwegistan 2035, lest he's not thrown from Oslo's highhest building.

Over and out here from the Solar System's Biggest Open Air Lunatic Asylum.


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