Wednesday, March 15, 2017


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The VVD is Dutch PM Mark Rutte's party and Rutte himself, being a slick childless weasel, is the very embodiment of the existential and essentially suicidal malaise which has Europe in it grips.

Via Geenstijl (a Dutch pundit site if not exactly traditionally rightwing, at least anti-establishment), a fitting election ad for Rutte's party of traitors:

 photo VVD_pamflet_zpsibeg4cym.jpg

It's a pity that the row over Erdogan's cronies campaigning in The Netherlands broke out just days before these crucial elections, for it offered Rutte the occasion to for once present himself as tough. If, God forbid, Wilders does not succeed in breaking the stalemate (he is projected to win big, but in order to change anything he has to win VERY, VERY big), then I'm sure this row between The Netherlands and Turkey will soon be over. I even suspect that Erdogan has acted even more hysterically than his usual self precisely to give his Dutch opponent a shot at presenting himself as a PM with balls.... and thus blocking Wilders' path to power.

It's not inconceivable, because the Turkish scoundrel must realize full well that with Geert Wilders at the helm, playing time is over and the islamization will be turned back or at the very least seriously opposed.

Voor onze Nederlandse lezers (alle drie) heb ik maar één advies, als je land je lief is: STEM PVV!!!


The results are in and they are extremely disappointing. Rutte's party, the VVD, remains by far the largest one, with 31 seats. Wilders' PVV only has 19 seats, a thoroughly disappointing outcome - even though the VVD lost 10 seats and the PVV won 4. The only good news is that one of the socialist parties, the PvdA, lost a staggering 29 seats - du jamais vu - but don't worry, there's always the second labor party the SP, which only loses one, and then there's the strong win of GroenLinks (the Greens), with plus twelve seats.

Results thus far:

VVD 31 (-10)
PvdA 9 (-29!)
PVV 19 (+4)
SP 14 (-1)
CDA 19 (+6)
D66 19 (+7)
ChristenUnie 6 (+1)
GroenLinks 16 (+12)
SGP 3 (0)
PvdD 5 (+3)
50Plus 4 (+2)
Piratenpartij 0
FvD 2 (+2)
DENK 3 (+3)

It is crystal clear that the row with Turkey has been an absolute boon for Mark Rutte, since he was able to profile himself as some kind of strongman after all. It IS possible that the whole affair stinks to high heaven, as I already indicated. Rutte may have been played by Erdogan. It is fairly certain that the Dutch PM will suddenly show 'more flexibility' now that the elections are over and the need for harsh words vis-à-vis the Dictator on the Bosphorus is gone. There is every reason to believe Erdogan is very pleased with the outcome of the Dutch elections.

On March 15, 2017, the Dutch chose for FURTHER DETERIORATION, MORE ISLAMIZATION, MORE SOFT ETHNIC CLEANSING, MORE ACCOMMODATION of alien cultures which will ultimately destroy...

.... The Netherlands as we know it.

Congratufuckinglations Dutchmen and Dutchwomen. You blew it big time.

Kook maar gaar in je sop idioten, maar kom binnen vijftien jaar geen huilie huilie doen. Dit was jullie laatste kans, en je hebt het verpest. Big time.

After the loss of Hofer in Austria, the Dutch defeat of common sense is the second indication that Europe lacks America's will to survive. If Marine Le Pen is defeated also, come April 23, Europe is essentially lost forever.

Prophetic words, even if I say so myself.


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