Saturday, February 25, 2017


From the Caught My Eye Department, last week: via SkyNews:

"The UK's first ever "modest" fashion event is taking place in London with hundreds of potential customers queuing to watch a catwalk show where some of the latest designs have been on display.

According to the organisers modest fashion is one of the fastest growing consumer markets.

The clothes comply with Muslim values but the designers say they get interest from women of all faiths and cultures who simply want to cover up a bit more.

Forty designers have displayed their garments at the event.

Among them, London-based Bushra Shaikh who has grown her brand iiLa over six years and exports her clothes around the world..."

(by Becky Johnson, Sky News Correspondent)

We could see this coming from miles away. Last year in May, very unfortunately, Sadiq Khan, whose imam is of the opinion that "women should be subservient", became London's first muslim mayor. Totally coincidentally, a month later ads sporting bikini-clad women were banned in London...

 photo sadiq_kan_bans_ads_zpsbmirxsaa.jpg

... under the pretext that flat-chested women or fat bottomed girls got fits from them, or something, and if you believe this was the real reason for the ban, I have a bridge across the Thames to sell you.

We are not one year further, and Shazam!, London now has its first 'Modest fashion show'. Watch this moronic promotion video, made by "modest fashion designer Haute Elan":

A glimpse at Haute Elan's website gives us a hint of how fast you can go from bikinis to burkas:

 photo haute_elan_trending_zpseisiqexm.jpg

The appearance of western women on Haute Elan's site is unsettling, but as the photo below shows, it's not only models... :

 photo modest_fashion_show_London2017_zpsolbcdxnc.jpg

Via Breitbart: Hijabs weren’t confined to the catwalks, with many of the show’s attendees’ sporting the modest Muslim headgear / Rachel Megawhat / Breitbart London

As if to underscore this, last week there was a lot of bruhaha about Lindsey Lohan being asked to remove her headscarf at Heathrow Airport:

 photo lindsey_lohan_twat_zpse6cxuygg.jpg

Lindsey Lohan did just about everything devout muslims abhor, from wandering around in barely there bikinis over getting drunk as a monkey and sniff prodigious quantities of drugs to enthusiastically engage in promiscuous lesbian sex.

These days she's got no problem wearing a headscarf, symbol of the most mysoginistic 'religion' the world has ever known.

When I look at the western models donning islamic headgear on Haute Elan's website, or that white chick sitting among the muslim audience at that 'fashion' 'show', or frikking Lindsey Lohan willingly veiling herself, I am tempted more and more to think that out there, there's millions and millions of wretched young autochton women who are all potential converts to islam. And why? Because they killed, figuratively speaking, the Western Male through decades of feminist-inspired hatred. And they have been so successful in turning males in meek serfs who have come to detest their own masculinity that, poof! Suddenly it's hard to find Real Men! So I often wonder if behind the extraordinary fascination for the muslim world among so many western women there's not a deeper psychological mechanism at work. Our men have by now been so mentally bullied that tons of them shy away from attempting to make even the slightest move towards the other sex. Is it too far fetched to assume that western women, in the absence of the Manhood they were so content to suppress, subconsciously yearn for males who have no qualms about telling women in no uncertain terms who is Boss? Is it not possible that in the deepest recesses of their unhinged minds, feminists in fact yearn for penetration by the followers of the Prophet?

I fear that it is possible.

To conclude, I'd like to share this pic with you, stolen over at Gates of Vienna, who got if from Matthew Bracken:

 photo matt_bracken_modest_fashion_show_zps33hcqosm.jpg

Ladies, don't come whining in the near future.


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