Saturday, September 10, 2016


To justify the 9/11 attacks, Osama Bin Laden deplored the "great tragedy" that had befallen the muslim world eighty years previously.

In the West, most intel communities inititally scratched their heads. What "great tragedy"?

Only later did it dawn to them that the mass killer of Americans had meant the demise of the Ottoman Empire post WWI.

For the greater part of the 20th century, it seemed like Kemal Ataturk had succeeded in modernizing Turkey.

Those days are definitely over.

Islam has been waging war on the West for 1,400 years, but the staunchest foe among our muslim enemies was always, throughout those many centuries, the Ottoman Empire.

Now enter the video below. One will notice that the young speaker, one Osman Gokcek, excessively refers to famous warlords of the Ottoman past, Alp-Aslan and Mehmet the Conqueror, as examples to emulate. At the same time he is heaping praise on the current Turkish dictator, Erdogan.

Gates of Vienna links to this video and assumes, perhaps because of the German subtitling, that it was shot in Germany at a rally of the Turkish diaspora there. I have no definitive proof of that. Certainly Erdogan is wont to visit Turkish communities all over Europe and do so in a big In Your Face show, going as far as telling his admirers that the last thing they should do is assimilate.

I was unable to find definitive proof that this rally was actually held in Germany. I tend to think it's still in Turkey itself.

But regardless, if you needed more proof of the tremendous religious and nationalistic fervor now holding the majority of Turks in and outside Turkey in it's grip, it's here:

Below is a screenshot of Osman Gokcek, just when he is expressing profound hopes that by 2023, a century after the demise of the Ottoman Empire, many more Fatih Sultan Mehments will have arisen. Apart from the fact that this is an utterly delusional hope, because individuals of Fatih Sultan Mehmet's stature tend to come around only once a century (thank God, because that monster, also known as Mehmet the Conqueror, made a career out of attacking Christian countries and butchering their populations), the fact remains that if this "young Turk" feverishly yearns for thousands more of muslim warlords to step forward - as do, apparenly, the masses listening to his speech - this is an extremely unpleasant, very chilling revelation for those countries with large muslim Turkish communities - like Germany, like Belgium.

 photo turkish_5th_column_zpslupaisel.jpg

The zeal with which Erdogan's followers worship him is profoundly disturbing. One could imagine this is some kind of a Nuremberg Rally v2.0, only with one mustachioed dictator replaced by another.

It is especially troubling to discover that Erdogan seems to enjoy even far more success among Turks living abroad. The following photo shows Turkish women in the eastern Belgian province of Limburg during an election rally earlier this year (photo credits: Humo):

 photo turken_limburg_zpsb3qiezxx.jpg

Anyone who believes these Turks in Belgium consider themselves "Belgian", I have news for you:



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