Friday, September 09, 2016


In 2000, I visited Paris with my wife, her brother and my mother-in-law. Before we went into the city proper, we stopped in Saint-Denis, because of its famous Basilica, dedicated to Saint Denis, France's patron saint. The basilica is of paramount cultural, architectural and historical significance, since it is the place where the French kings are buried and because it is considered the first gothic church in France.

After visiting the basilica, we hurried out of the suburb and went straight for the centre of Paris.

Because outside, I did not recognize France anymore. It looked more like I was in a maghreb country. The streets were full with men in islamic garb and to a varying degree veiled women. Apart from the decidedly foreign and definitely non-French appearance of the people - virtually all of them - what struck me most was how all of them roamed the streets as if there were no sidewalks. Shabby cars slalomed among the pedestrians. It was as if traffic rules were null and void. Alleys and squares looked very soukh-like.

The only "genuine" Frenchman I remember from that day in Saint-Denis is the cafe owner where we had taken a quick snack before visiting the basilica.

Afterwards, I kept mentally comparing his balding, scrawny and stooped appearance to the cacophony of hundreds and hundreds of skullcapped, bearded guys swarming around in cream or grey coloured djellabas and tens of veiled women.

Now, that was in 2000.

I... don't want to think what it is like in Saint-Denis right now, sixteen years later.

Courtesy Gates of Vienna, a video showing popular French author Eric Zemmour, who shares my utter discomfort... and offers a bleak forecast of France's future, in case sufficient genuine Frenchmen and -women can still be found before ALL of France turns Saint-Denis.

Ava Lon did the translation, Vlad Tepes, as per usual, the subtitling:

Happy thoughts to you.


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