Friday, June 24, 2016


The big news of the day is of course Brexit, and we will come to that - I hope so - but in the meantime my take on another hot topic.

There may have been a time when Democrats actually stood for some positive vision, some sensible projects.

But it's clear that must have been a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

The corpses of those gunned down at the Pulse nighclub were still warm when Demonrats already jumped on the occasion to scandalously use this as leverage for their age-old gun control laws.

Guns are tools. They are tools of death, but they remain TOOLS.

Suppose that statistical evidence would show that more people die in traffic under the wheels of, say, BMW cars, than when other makes of cars are involved. What should be done? Should the State forbid BMW to build any more cars? Or should the State impose much harsher fines on reckless drivers?

I don't know if the latter would have much effect, given how unhinged some people can be behind the wheel, but I think that it should be crystal clear to anyone that closing down BMW factories the world over would be a very stupid means to address the situation.

It's the same with guns. Guns are not the problem. The shooters are the problem, and in today's world "the shooters" verrry often means islamic terrorists.

The people murdered in Orlando died not because of AR-15's being available on the market.

They were murdered because islam hates gays, plain and simple.

France has very strict gun control laws. Yet the people murdered at the Bataclan theatre in November 2015 were gunned down anyway. With AK-47s bought in my own country, Belgium.

Which also has very, very strict gun control laws.

Failure to acknowledge this simple truth, means ensuring that carnages like in Orlando and Paris will happen again.

Therefore the demonrat bozos featured in the cartoon below, courtesy Biff Spackle, are criminals themselves.

 photo democrats-and-guns-comix_zpsrjy3lm7i.jpg
 photo demonrats_gun_control_zpsqe4v6xdq.jpg

Hat tip Theo Spark.


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