Friday, May 13, 2016


Leftist rag De Standaard is very happy to let the stupid Flemish peasants know that a fundraiser for the new al-Houda mosque in Sint-Niklaas, northern Belgium, has in no time amassed more than a million EUR.

 photo mosque_al_houda_zpsdf1ocuq7.jpg

"A fundraiser for a new mosque and community centre in Sint-Niklaas has amassed more than one million EUR, a record. The new building has to become twice as big as the previous one and aims, with its big windows, to emphasize an atmosphere of openness.

The plans for the new al-houda mosque in Sint-Niklaas have been in the pipeline for some time, but the required 2.5 million EUR were still lacking. Because there were no subsidies [for this particular project - MFBB], donations from the muslim community were called for.

The counter stood already on 1.8 million EUR, amongst others thanks to the six hundred families attending the mosque which contributed 2,000 EUR each to finance the new building. To bring up the rest a fundraiser was organised over the previous days by the nonprofit behind the mosque, the moroccan cultural and islamic centre. With a yield of more than one million EUR the nonprofit did better than expected..."

Fact 1 for you: In 2011, people of foreign extraction, of whom the overwhelming majority were muslims, especially from morocco, made up 21 per cent of Sint-Niklaas's 75,000 inhabitants.

Fact 2 for you: These 21 per cent received around 70 per cent of all welfare in Sint-Niklaas.

Fact No. 3 for you: since this picture is a blueprint for what happens all over the country, it is clear that Belgium's authochtons, dwindling in number and getting rapidly older, are literally financing their own destruction.

Below you see a Facebook message from a Sint-Niklaas muslim, presumably a member of the nonprofit behind the al-houda mosque:

 photo mosquesintniklaas_zpsvud5inkd.jpg

The message reads:

"Allahu akbar, this cake is made by a beautiful sister and has just been sold for 12,000 EUR.

May allah pbuh forgive all this sister's sins and give her the highest place in paradise inshallah!


The ardent zeal with which these usurpers manifestly express their religious feelings and are prepared to pay immense sums to erect the symbols of their conquest, should give serious cause for concern for every sane, freedom-loving Belgian.

Only a sheer and utter fool will believe that this latest building project for Flanders' biggest mosque to date is not another big FUCK YOU vis-à-vis all non-muslims. It is another step towards establishing the caliphate in this country.

Mark Steyn's mother is Belgian and from Sint-Niklaas. I wonder how the greatest present-day champion for Western Civilization and the Conservative Cause will take in the news that his mother's hometown is slowly turning into another Molenbeek.


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