Saturday, May 07, 2016


Watch a muslim class walking through Bolton, UK, yelling "Allahu Akbar":

Future murderers, beheaders, and breeding chickens for jihad. Courtesy Liblabcon, but Labour especially, of course.

And while we get here a glimpse of Britain's unhealthy future, we get another stark reminder of the intrusions of this vile "religion" in UK politics with the victory of Sadiq Khan in the contest to become Mayor of London. Below you see a photo of him holding a placard with one of his stated goals - importing even more electoral cattle:

 photo sadiq_khan_zps0nss3ltt.jpg

Khan likes to profile himself as a "moderate" muslim and he has reportedly even backed gay marriage.

But as this Daily Mail article proves, there's a lot to worry about in his curriculum:

"The politician has apparently made nine appearances alongside Sulaiman Ghani, a radical cleric who said was a supporter of ISIS and believes homosexuality is 'unnatural'.

MailOnline also revealed this year that in 2009 he supported groups promoting Islamic extremism and gave a speech while the 'black flag of jihad' was openly flying in the hands of children.


But Mr Khan's former brother-in-law, Makbool Javaid, preached hatred against non-Muslims at a rally in Trafalgar Square – with the 'black flag of jihad' flying behind him.

And he suspended his Commons-based speechwriter after he laughed about seeing homosexuals being abused in public, and made reference to 'hoes' and 'f***ing f****ts' – on a Twitter feed followed by the Labour mayoral hopeful.

Shueb Salar, who has represented Mr Khan at public events, continued to post them after he started working for Mr Khan in the run-up to last year's General Election.

Among the messages Mr Salar posted on Twitter was 'advice to anyone who's looking to murder their girlfriend and get away with it LOL'."

London is 40 per cent foreigners (and 40 per cent of the country's muslims live in London). It is clear that Khan was elected not so much because of administrative qualifications, but because he was both non-white and a muslim.

The election of Sadiq Khan can be seen as the definitive start of the 'Go after Whitey' campaign. A mere twenty years from now - if that long - increasingly, whites will be treated in their own cities and countries as second rank citizens.

Winston Churchill is turning in his grave.


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