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An article by Tiberge over at Galliawatch, April 12, 2016:

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"...A few days ago I posted an article by Guy Rouvrais on the Islamization of certain French Catholic schools where the teaching of the Koran has eclipsed catechism instruction. Novopress has published this follow-up by the same author on the French government's concern over problems in Muslim schools. Apparently the situation in these schools has become noticeable even to a Socialist government usually indulgent with immigrant students:

The Ministry of National Education, alerted by the mayors, has recently become alarmed by the expansion of Muslim schools, some under contract with the State, but more often not.

Note: Under contract means government subsidies and a requirement to follow government educational policy, even if the Koran is taught. A school not under contract would be free to teach primarily an Islamic-based curriculum. The same is true for Catholic schools.

Most of these establishments are under salafist influence. How can anyone be surprised since the prime minister has admitted that salafism "is winning the ideological and cultural battle". Moreover, aren't the schools the privileged place to wage this assault on children from an early age? It isn't the so-called "moderate" Muslims who choose those schools, but the partisans of a strict Islam, affiliated with the UOIF, the French branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. The others settle for public schools or… Catholic schools. It is no longer rare, in certain suburbs, to find Catholic schools where half the pupils, even 80% of the pupils in some cases, are Muslim. The French bishops finally expressed concern about this at their recent meeting in Lourdes.

While the government had for years neglected to examine this phenomenon, it decided, after the November 13 attacks, to send into the Islamic schools a battalion of education inspectors. These civil servants, until then, were not Arabic-speaking. They've just begun to realize that. It was about time! But even without understanding Arabic, the inspectors observed "pedagogical insufficiencies", according to the ministry. The essential thing was to live Islam rather than learn the French literature of the infidels. A former teacher at the Averroès high school in Lille, under contract, explained: "On the pretext of a republican educational program, one plays a double game and spreads, surreptitiously, a concept of Islam that derives from the Muslim Brotherhood."


In France, fifty Muslim schools serving five thousand pupils are currently functioning. Often they are small schools with only one or two classes and about fifteen pupils.

If they were, at the outset, financed to a great extent by foreign countries, this has changed over time. The hold of the Muslim Brotherhood, via the French-based UOIF, on Muslim education, is real. (…)

Not many schools and not many pupils. But there are millions of Muslims in France. Many of the children attend public schools, which is one reason why the public schools have deteriorated. But in addition to that there are the 2500 mosques that provide some education, though it's mostly in the form of indoctrination.

For me, the worst thing is not Muslim schools, but the infiltration of Muslims into Catholic schools. That is still a potential threat to the already struggling Catholic community of France..."


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