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Sultan Erdogan and his PM Ahmet Davutoglu must be the luckiest men on Earth.

Because if you thought the arrest of Salah Abdeslam in Molenbeek today was the scoop of the day...

 photo salah_abdeslam_arrest_zpsbfgsajjy.jpg

... you would be mistaken.

The big news today was the EU/Turkey "deal" which boils down to Turkey effectively determining what the EU does, and having it pay for it. The photo shows three complete idiots and an islamic supremacist barely able to hide his glee at having utterly and completely fooled his speaking partners:

 photo eu_turkey_migrants2016_zpsjjkazzzu.jpg

The three idiots are Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, the EU's executive branch, to the left. Then Donald Tusk, a former Polish PM, now President of the European Council (a function sometimes referred to as EU President), third from left. Finally Mark Rutte, the Dutch PM, to the right.

The islamic supremacist is Ahmet Davutoglu, Turkish PM, the grinning goon second from left.

This "deal" is a sham of cosmic proportions, because Europe is caving away on key negotiating points and receives back from Ankara... NOTHING. Zilch. Nada. Zero.

Via Reuters:

"Under the pact, Ankara would take back all migrants and refugees, including Syrians, who cross to Greece illegally across the sea. In return, the EU would take in thousands of Syrian refugees directly from Turkey and reward it with more money, early visa-free travel and faster progress in EU membership talks.

Migrants who arrive in Greece from Sunday will be subject to being sent back once they have been registered and their individual asylum claim processed. The returns are to begin on April 4, as would resettlement of Syrian refugees in Europe.

While many in Brussels hailed the agreement as a game-changer, Amnesty International decried it as a "historic blow to human rights", saying Europe was turning its back on refugees.

"Guarantees to scrupulously respect international law are incompatible with the touted return to Turkey of all irregular migrants," the rights advocacy group said, criticizing Ankara's track-record on human rights.

"Turkey is not a safe country for refugees and migrants, and any return process predicated on it being so will be flawed, illegal and immoral."

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte sought to reverse the narrative, saying the idea was to discourage illegal and perilous voyages across the Aegean and open legal paths to Europe instead.

"There is nothing humanitarian in letting people, families, children, step on boats, being tempted by cynical smugglers, and risk their lives," he said.


The EU would also accelerate disbursement of 3 billion euros already pledged in support for refugees in Turkey and provide a further 3 billion by 2018. It would help Greece set up a task force of some 4,000 staff, including judges, interpreters, border guards and others to manage each case individually.

"All new irregular migrants crossing from Turkey into Greek islands as from 20 March 2016 will be returned to Turkey. This will take place in full accordance with EU and international law, excluding any kind of collective expulsion," the deal said.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said it would be a Herculean task for Greece to handle the returns and the chairman of the EU leaders' summits, European Council President Donald Tusk, said the deal was not a silver bullet.

"Reality is more complex," Tusk said, noting a broader EU strategy to control migration that included keeping the land route from Greece to Germany closed to irregular migrants.

Just as the deal was clinched, Turkey said it had intercepted hundreds of migrants trying to reach the Greek island of Lesbos.

"It's a historic day today because we reached a very important agreement between Turkey and the EU," Davutoglu said. "Today we realized that Turkey and EU have the same destiny, the same challenges and the same future."

In effect, the EU swallows hook, line and sinker Turkey's RIDICULOUS "One for One Scheme": every migrant and refugee crossing illegally into Greece, will be taken back by Turkey.

In exchange, however, the EU will accept for each and everyone belonging to said category... a "real" refugee from the war in Syria, properly processed and sent on its way by Erdogan.

The "One for One System" is such an unbelievable and obvious fraud that it defies description how all the bright and enlightened gentlemen and -women in Europe's power channels could ever have fallen for this.

The net result will be just...


There will be no letup in the flow of "refugees" to Europe. One for one. A bloke landing on a Greek island in a dinghy will be transported back to the Turkish border, "taken back", and his brother who preferred to drink mint tea near a Turkish guardhouse will be let in.

That's it. One for One.

And what does Turkey get in return, you will ask?

1.) 3 billion more EUR on top of the 3 billion already pledged to support Turkey's refugee processing infrastructure. In effect, even facilitating the flow of paradise seekers through Anatolia direction Germany!!!

2.) 80 million Turks will be allowed to enter the EU without visa.

3.) The negotiations to let enter Turkey the EU will be stepped up.

If that's a deal, I'm the Wizard of Oz. I am beyond belief that Europes indigenous populations don't take to the streets with pitchforks, drag the cowardly bastards who betrayed 500 million people to the new Ottoman Empire out of their gleaming palaces, and hang them from the trees in Brussels' Warandepark.

I never considered myself a conspiracy theorist, but that scoundrel of a Salah Abdeslam is getting caught JUST TODAY.... INSTANTLY GETTING WORLD COVERAGE... AT THE VERY MOMENT THAT FIVE KILOMETERS FURTHER A CONTINENT WAS SOLD OUT TO SULTAN ERDOGAN...

... well, that strikes me as more than a simple coincidence.

This is a nightmare, plain and simple. Europe pledged all, Turkey gave nothing back. To the contrary, it made Europe pay for caving in to Turkish demands! This is the equivalent of walking into a Mercedes garage, choosing the hottest car, and having the garage management PAY YOU the vehicle's value! It's, this is, this is...


Why is it that no one seems to see that the "refugee crisis", which is first and foremost a crisis of the muslim world's own making, is a godsend for Turkey, a means to extract from Europe what it has been craving for decades, become a member of the EU club with all the privileges that that entails? And all this by playing on European politicians' pathological self-hate, only matched by their gross historical ignorance.

No, I'm too mild in my assessment.

It looks rather that Turkey is set to get what it has craved for CENTURIES....


Today, it has been made crystal clear that Europe's much vaunted "soft power" isn't worth shit.

It cannot even hold back dinghies.

If a Turkey that is as yet not part of the European Union - at least formally - is even so already capable of letting Europe dance to its tunes at will...

... then how will it be once Turkey is INSIDE the EU???

333 years ago, at dawn on September 12, 1683, the Polish King John III Sobieski appeared out of the morning mist before Vienna and with his winged Hussars descended upon the Ottoman army laying siege to the city. So devastating was the Turkish defeat that the Ottoman probes into Europe stopped and the empire started its long decline into oblivion. Europe was allowed to live and thrive and give to the world unfathomable riches in the fields of technology, art, medicine, and ultimately democratic governance of states by and for the people.

In 2016, John III Sobieski's present-day successor in the person of Donald Tusk, the laughably named "President of the European Union", gave the keys of Europe to the Ottomans on a silver platter, and for good measure paid for them too.

If John III Sobieski could somehow come back and see for himself how Donald Tusk and company just flushed Europe's future down the crapper, I bet he would pull his hussar sword and hack those ignorant, irresponsible fools to death.

And it would be richly deserved.


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