Saturday, March 05, 2016


Thanks to Gates of Vienna the world - or at least the part that pays attention - now knows Imam Abu Bilal Ismail of the Grimhøj Mosque in Aarhus, Denmark. GoV posted two hidden-camera videos of this asshole, videos which, in a normal country, should have said imam expelled pronto.

In the first one, imam Abu Bilal Ismail gives advice to muslim parents regarding the beating children for the sake of their education and to hammer home the precepts of sharia.

PEGIDA DK did the translation, and the indefatigable Vlad Tepes the subtitling:

In the second video featuring imam Abu Bilal Ismail, and aired on TV2, he calls for the killing of apostates, the stoning of adulterers, and the whipping of divorced women. Mr Ismail can thank Allah on his bare knees that he is a darling of our leftist moral betters, or he wouldn't get away with it so easily.

Again, PEGIDA DK provided the translation and Vlad Tepes the subtitling:

Here is the transcript as provided by Gates of Vienna:

00:00 Women, it is only allowed to spill Muslim blood for three reasons.
00:03 The first reason: for fornication.
00:06 If a married or divorced women fornicates, and she is not a virgin —
00:09 and commits adultery, she must be stoned to death.
00:14 The second reason: An eye for an eye.
00:18 If you kill a Muslim, you must yourself be killed.
00:22 The third reason: One who turns away from religion (Islam) must be killed.
00:26 If you deny (Islam), or don’t believe in the fast, the judgment must be that you are an infidel.
00:30 If you are stubborn and do not want to fast, you must be killed.
00:36 But that is not done in Denmark.
00:40 If an adulterer, be it a man or a women who whores —
00:44 then their blood is halal, and they must be killed by stoning.
00:48 If she is married, she will be stoned (to death).
00:52 If she is a virgin, the punishment is whipping.
00:56 And a divorced women who commits an act of whoring? Is the punishment whipping or execution?
01:03 Whipping, whipping. — Whipping. Is that right?
01:06 No, even if she is not married, the punishment is death.
01:11 Only a virgin who commits an act of whoring, and who has never been married —
01:16 will be punished with a whipping.

Oh the many joys and blessings of multiculturalism!


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