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Also, don't miss this article by American Thinker's Carol Brown: Islam, rape, and the fate of Western women:

"Perhaps there is no European country where rape has reached epidemic proportions as it has in Sweden, a country now known as the “rape capital” of Europe. Sweden ranks Number 2 on the global list of rape countries. From 1975 to present, rape in Sweden has increased 1472%. Based on this model, it is now projected that one in four Swedish women (and sometimes little girls) will be raped. Rape of men and boys is also on the rise.

Making this nightmarish situation worse, the authorities hide what’s going on, make outlandish excuses for it, and/or side with the rapists. Dhimmitude has taken hold. Few, if any, will state the truth: that the majority of rapes in Sweden are committed by Muslim males.

Of note, a large number of Muslim rapists are under the age of 18 and, if brought to “justice,” receive exceedingly light sentences (even lighter than the absurd non-punishment adults receive) because they are considered juveniles. And so they are released back onto the streets in a flash. To commit more rape. Related to this issue is the fact that many Muslim men in Sweden are classified as “unaccompanied children” when they arrive.

The sickness that has taken over Swedish culture is so shocking that in one case where a Somali Muslim was found guilty of raping a dying woman to death (which is horrific enough), the judicial system refused to send him back to Somalia because they determined he would be just as much a risk to women in Somalia as he would be to women in Sweden. And so Swedish women were disregarded out of deference to Somali women..."

And some more info from The Gatestone Institute, "One month of islam and multiculturalism in Sweden: July 2015."

"Between January 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014, 58 people were shot in Gothenburg. Fifty-seven were men; their median age was 26. Most injuries were in their arms and legs. Ten of the patients died. The total care time for the 47 admitted patients who survived was 316 days, putting the net health care cost at 6.2 million kronor ($730,000).

Since the study was concluded, criminal gangs have continued shooting at each other in Gothenburg (map). There were twelve shootings during the first five months of this year. Five young men died, and 16 people were wounded.

On July 14, a 22-year-old Somali man was prosecuted for a brutal rape in Uppsala earlier this summer. The man found his victim, a woman in her twenties, on the street at 5 a.m. He wrestled her to the ground, sat on her, held her arms down and said: "Do you want to live or die?" He repeated the question several times during the rape. Afterward, he fled the scene, but thanks to the victim's description was apprehended a few hours later. At the time of his arrest, he had her cell phone on him. The 22-year-old has previous convictions for making unlawful threats, assault, battery and sexual molestation. However, that did not stop him from writing on Facebook that he thinks people who damage society should be deported from Sweden.

On July 15, a 30-year-old Kurdish man from Iraq was prosecuted for the attempted murder of a 40-year-old woman in Stockholm. The man wanted residency status; to that end, he tried to force the woman to marry him. When she refused, he stabbed her eight times in the face and chest. The knife attack took place on a walkway in a residential area. The woman sustained life-threatening injuries.

On July 16, two Kurdish men, aged 21 and 30, were convicted of being involved in an explosion in Nyköping on March 2. Two people were killed. Police believe the men packing a half-kilogram (1.1 pounds) of explosive material into a metal box when it suddenly went off. It is not known what the bomb was to be used for, but the district court concluded that the device "had no other meaningful use other than to cause people harm." An explosives expert who testified during the trial said he had never before seen such a device, and that the very powerful bomb could have killed or injured people up to 600 meters (650 yards) away.

One of the two convicted men is not a Swedish citizen; and despite this being his eighth conviction for a violent crime in Sweden, he will not be deported to his native Iran. He was sentenced to two years in prison, and his partner in crime to one year and ten months.

 photo asylumseekers_kalmar_sweden_zpsozq1qxry.jpg

On July 17, the Swedish Security Service (Säpo) revealed to date, between 30 and 40 women have traveled from Sweden to Syria to join the Islamic State (ISIS). In an e-mail to the Dagens Eko public radio news program, Säpo wrote that this is a "serious and disturbing turn of events," adding that, "there are no verified reports that these women are actively taking part in combat or training for combat."

Peder Hyllengren of the National Defense College told Dagens Eko that ISIS has a rather large group of sympathizing women in Sweden. "There are at least ten times as many who sympathize, compared to how many have gone," says Hyllengren. "It's about building the caliphate, becoming wives and birthing a new generation of jihadis. They become housewives, but many are very active in spreading the propaganda."

On July 18, the local daily Östra Småland wrote that a group of Christian asylum seekers in the city of Kalmar, after being harassed and threatened by Muslims, had been forced to move from the Immigration Service housing where they were staying. The Muslims demanded that they stop wearing crosses and other Christian symbols, and did not allow them to use joint facilities, such as the kitchen, when Muslims were in there..."

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