Saturday, December 05, 2015


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"Photo taken at the Family Allowances offices of Rosny-sous-Bois on Tuesday 4 November 2014. For those who are no geography aces, Rosny-sous-Bois is in FRANCE (93-Seine, Saint-Denis), close to Paris.

Keep working, they need you!"

I have some suspicions re the exact date because the leaves on that tree look more like it's the height of summer rather than November. But the rest is real enough.

I do not know how the situation in France is with regards to chilren's allowances, but I guess it can't be that much different from Belgium. Basically, the basic premiums (2015) are 90,28 EUR for the first child, 167,05 EUR for the second, and 249,41 EUR for the third and following children. That's not counting sundry extras here and there.

It follows that in Belgium your typical co-religionist of the women on the photo with 4 children, about the average number, receive at the very least 756,15 EUR.

But in reality that number is far below the actually received sum, since we, with just two kids, receive around 320 EUR monthly.

It is fair to say that your average muslim family with four children receives for child allowances only in excess of 1,000 EUR monthly. Add in unemployment benefits, extra support for large families and they cash in 1,500/2,000 EUR every month - for doing nothing. The picture is clear.

These women are not allowed to work. But why should they? They reap more money via all kinds of benefits and welfare checks than they could ever earn. All they are asked to do is serve as a breeding platform. Which they do with zeal, either willingly or unwillingly.

We are literally financing our own destruction.


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