Saturday, December 12, 2015


He might have added "Turks of the muslim faith", but ever since some weird stuff happened to non-muslim Turks over the past one hundred years, that's an irrelevant distinction. Via our brothers-in-arms at Gates of Vienna:

Turkey plays a perfidious role in the whole "refugee" crisis. We know that over the past couple of years there was a serious problem with illegal immigrants, but the influx for a long time looked as something that could be handled. Suddenly last summer all hell broke loose with a large group making it as far as Calais. Then there was Merkel's insane invitation which did not fall on deaf ears from Nouakchott to Kabul. After that the Greeks chose to deliberately facilitate the transfer of the "refugees" to Germany as a way of payback for that country's (justified) harsh stance on the Greek debt issue. And finally Turkey is doing NOTHING against the activities of people smugglers AND ushering hundreds of thousands of "refugees" to it's west coast.

In a devilish Macchiavellistic scheme, it now asks what amounts to bribes from European countries to keep the muslim hordes from the Levant and further away on its territory, and worse, uses the occasion to bargain again for full EU membership. With the current crop of hardcore leftist EU "leaders" à la Juncker, Mogherini, Schulz and the clueless Tusk, this amounts to an extremely dangerous situation.

With mathematical certainty it can be stated that Turkey's entry into the EU would mean the end of Western civilization on European soil. Mr Zeman is right on the money. I'm sorry for the small number of supposedly secular, "progressive" Turks, but if they would really be progressive, they would leave their horrible death cult posing as a religion right away.

The time for nice words is OVER. The barbarians must be kept out.

And the traitors among us should not escape justice.


PS: there is a distinct possibility that even some reasonable people will scoff at my labeling Turks as barbarians. If so, you might want to explain to me how in a country where the constitution supposedly provides freedom of religion, the official percentage of muslims is... 99.8 per cent. How multicultural is that huh?

You might want to explain how that is possible, given that a mere hundred years ago Christians still constituted around 20 per cent of the population.

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