Monday, October 19, 2015


That's German for "Merkel GET OUT!!!"

I'm too angry and frustrated to write more, if I find the energy this night I may elaborate a bit, but "Frau" Merkel has just announced that if Turkey "helps" with the "refugee" crisis it will be rewarded with... revving up the process for making it a full-fledged EU member!!!

I was aghast, literally AGHAST, when I read that last night.

So first off, Europe has already known an astonishing increase of it's muslim population over the past two or three decades courtesy of leftists facilitating their entry, in quite a few instances to make good for the loss of their traditional electorate.

TWO. Then all hell breaks loose in the ME and basically everywhere where muslims are running the show because their societal model is hopelessly flawed and they can't live in peace with just about nobody, not even their own ilk. So their societies collapse, and where are they fleeing to? Why, the land of the infidels of course!

THREE: in a suicidal gesture of misplaced magnaminity, Europe's "elites", Frau Merkel first of all, open the doors wide open, leading to an expected influx of muslims in Germany alone of an estimated 1,500,000 persons. Apart from some small hapless Christian or other non-muslim groups all non-assimilable.

FOUR: and to top it all off, as a solution for their self-induced problems, Madam Merkel and her associated clique of leftist lunatics now plan to .... make it easier for Turkey to enter the EU!!!

So she shoots herself in the foot by inviting millions of clitoridectomy aficionados, and to "solve" it she will prepare the seats for a muslim EU faction backed by 78 million Turks in Turkey itself, 4 million Turks IN GERMANY ALREADY, and a couple of millions more in the rest of the EU. It follows that arguably THE SINGLE BIGGEST VOTING BLOC IN THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT, capable of vetoing anything and all, capable of pushing "anti-blasphemy laws" through....


This INSANE woman has to be STOPPED. PRONTO.

I take some small consolation from the fact that a part of Germans are very well aware of the catastrophy that is about to be unleashed on the Heimat, see e.g. this video, per Gates of Vienna, of a PEGIDA demo in Lower Saxony:

But we need more and more of these demos.



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