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I hope that my pals at Gates of Vienna wont hold it against me that I simply copied and pasted, but I'm pretty sure they care far less about who gets credit for a story than that they care about that story getting out.

Anyway, here's Beatrix von Storch from Alternative fuer Deutschland with a telling video:

Nash Montana translated, Vlad Tepes did the subtitling.

And here's the transcript:

0:00 The Diocese of Essen made headlines recently.
0:04 Bishop Franz Josef Overbeck uttered his opinion on the ‘refugee question’, and I quote:
0:10 “Our prosperity, and our way of living in peace, will change. As refugees had to alter the way they live,
0:18 so do we have to change our lifestyle. And here we need patience,
0:23 and we need clarity.”
0:25 Dear Bishop, with all due respect, but I don’t think that we are the ones who have to adapt our way of life.
0:31 I think that it is those that come here to our country need to do that.
0:36 And I am also not willing to somehow forgo the peace that we live in,
0:41 I don’t want to change that.
0:44 I expected of a representative of the Christian church
0:48 that he would stand in front of his society and help defend their values.
0:52 There are two different news stories that go hand in hand with this story.
0:56 One from Rhineland-Pfalz. The chairwoman of the CDU, Julia Klöckner, wanted to visit a refugee camp,
1:02 and she also wanted to meet and greet the local Imam.
1:06 Said Imam had informed her that he would welcome her, but that he will not extend his hand to greet her.
1:11 As a consequence, Frau Klöckner has distanced herself from the visit.
1:15 Are those the new ways of life to which we supposedly have to get used to, where men will not extend a greeting hand to women?
1:20 I don’t think so.
1:23 And out of Berlin on the same day we hear of a mosque that since 2014
1:27 has been under suspicion of interest for anti-constitutional activities, has now been accused
1:32 of being involved in the planning of a violent terrorist attack on the state.
1:36 The police started to raid the mosque and stepped inside the mosque.
1:41 With shoes.
1:43 The Imam asks that they remove their shoes. The police yield.
1:48 Shakedown in socks.
1:51 Do we have to get used to that, too? I believe not. I think it is time
1:55 that we stand up for our own culture, and that we fight for our way of life
2:00 and that we, too, show clarity in that. It’s not only up to the representatives of our churches,
2:05 but especially from them.

Beatrix Amelie Ehrengard Eilika von Storch, born the Duchess of Oldenburg, is a conservative politician and blogger. This is her site.

A quick search online revealed that indeed, a couple of days back, antiterror units had raided the Ibrahim Al Khalil-mosque in the Colditzstraße in Berlin's Tempelhof Stadteil:

 photo imam_abdel_qader_d_zpszixbed4a.jpg

There, its imam, a certain Abdel Qader D., was arrested on suspicion of recruiting jihadists for Syria. Abdel Qader D. asked that the troopers remove their shoes before searching his mosque....

.... and the officers complied....

 photo razzia_mosque_tempelhof_2015_zpsfykqddmj.jpg

Y'all can believe THAT?

"Islam is a part of Germany", eh Angela?

I think we can indeed conclude that it is. All the Scheisse of it.


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