Saturday, September 26, 2015


The Inbreds with Any sense of time. From the 1994 album Kombinator.

Canadian Indie rock duo, formed in Kingston, Ontario in 1992.

Supertramp with Goodbye Stranger. From the album Breakfast in America (1979).

UK prog rock band. Totally loved the Wurlitzer electric piano. Over here they were relatively successful in the early eighties (Dreamer, Take the long way home, It's raining again). This song was drawn from what turned out to be their most successful LP. And if I'd have to make up a list of the 50 most iconic album covers, the one of Breakfast in America would certainly be included:

 photo Breakfast_in_America_zpscyluwdbe.jpg

Take a closer look at Manhattan and see what it's made of. And you know who the fat waitress (actually Kate Murtagh, an actress) is a substitute for don't you.

Goede nacht.


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